Michael Keaton’s Real Name ISN’T Michael Keaton and My Entire Life is a Lie

Let’s start with one thing. Michael Keaton didn’t play Batman. Michael Keaton is Batman. He’s the one true Batman. I love you, Adam West, but it’s the way it is. I’ve been watching Michael Keaton since earlier than I probably should. I remember seeing both the “Batman” movies on VHS. (It was this thing that … Read more

Sam Hunt is Marching Towards Country Music History with “Body Like a Back Road”

Sam Hunt has taken the world’s most unlikely compliment, “Body Like A Back Road” all the way to No. 1 on every country music chart out there and the song is in the Top 15 on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart. Written by Hunt, Zach Crowell, Shane McAnally and Josh Osborne, “Body Like A Back Road” … Read more

Rachel Bilson is Ready to Move from “The O.C.” to “Nashville” (And She Thinks RocketDog Flip-Flops Should Stay in the Early 2000s)

After the death of Queen Rayna on “Nashville,” Deacon Claybourne and Silicon Valley techie Zach Welles have been in desperate need of help at Highway 65 Records. Since Zach is a brilliant billionaire, he brilliantly decided to bring in Summer Roberts from “The O.C.” to rejoin her old pal Luke down South. Except, her real … Read more

Kelly Clarkson Says She’s Going to “Annihilate” Blake Shelton on “The Voice”

If you thought Blake Shelton was the most competitive coach on “The Voice,” you could be wrong. We could all be wrong. Kelly Clarkson is coming to the red chair and she’s not messing around. There’s a full season of “The Voice” that will happen before Clarkson will even take a spin in her chair, … Read more

DeMario Jackson Gave His First Interview Since “Bachelor” Scandal and He Didn’t Skip a Detail

If “Bachelor In Paradise” is going to turn into a he-said-she-said, things are going to get really weird. The weirdness is starting with DeMario Jackson and his first interview with “E! News,” where he described in detail everything that happened during his brief time on the show. DeMario made it very clear that he was … Read more

Bride Gets Serenaded By Garth Brooks After She Postpones Her Wedding To Go To His Concert

Things got a little crazy when Garth Brooks went to Louisiana. A super fan, potentially crazy fan, postponed her wedding to see Garth. Then, her dreams came true when he serenaded her with “She’s Every Woman.” In my experience, when a fan has a sign that says “You are my hall pass” and her friend … Read more