Garth Met A Fan Who Hadn’t Been To A Concert Since Elvis, So He Sang A Song Just For Her

Interesting people keep coming out of the wood work in Louisiana to see Garth Brooks. Brooks’ show features a request segment in which he mingles with the crowd, meeting some interesting people and then singing acoustic solo versions of songs just for them. One of his recent guests was celebrating her 89th birthday and hadn’t … Read more

Shania Twain Shares Track List for Her Upcoming Album, ‘Now’

New music from Shania Twain is so close we can almost hear it. The songstress has been giving us tidbits of her first new album in 15 years, Now, and we’re chomping at the bit. Recently, she released the first single from the project, “Life’s About to Get Good,” and now we know the titles … Read more

11 Tiny Kitchen Recipes That Will Blow Your Mind

Have you seen these Tiny Kitchen videos? They’re exactly what it sounds like, recipe videos made in a tiny kitchen. We’re talking cooking on equipment practically made for Barbies. The videos are absolutely fascinating. I’m completely enamored by the fact that someone took the time to not only create miniature versions of favorite recipes but … Read more

Joey + Rory Feek’s Daughter Got Some Special Boots And It’s Beyond Adorable

Rory Feek of the duo Joey + Rory recently shared a video of his daughter, Indiana, clomping through a shoe store in her fist pair of boots. The specialty boots fit over Indiana’s leg braces and are perfect for life on the farm. Little Indiana lives in rural Tennessee surrounded by folks with boots. She … Read more

Thousands Of Flying Ants Have Descended Upon Wimbledon And The Players Can’t Handle It

Wimbledon is one of most storied tournaments in professional sports. One expects celebrities and their favorite players from the past and present to be in attendance. But this week court thousands of uninvited guests have become a problem for both players and fans. A swarm of flying ants has descended onto the tournament disrupting the … Read more

7 Kind of Weird and Kind Amazing Promo Photos of Garth Brooks Throughout The Years

Garth Brooks is easily the most famous person who has ever picked up my purse. He’s as warm and kind in person as he is on TV. Though Garth is the highest-selling solo artist of all-time, it’s interesting to me that he was never really thought of a sex symbol or a heartthrob. Maybe it’s … Read more

Yeah, You Definitely Live Up To These Summer Beach Stereotypes

Summertime is beach time and while we may all travel to different oceans, islands, and resorts, there are certain things everyone does. There is always a white/khaki family picture, the guy who reads in the shade all day, the person who always gets sunburnt, and the person who would rather just stay in the pool. … Read more

Katy Perry Caught Celine Dion Doing a Photoshoot in Paris and She Did Exactly What Anybody Would Do

Imagine walking along a quiet street in a big city. Then, you see one of your heroes– Carrie Underwood, Adele, Dolly Parton. What would you do? Probably gasp, pull out your phone, follow them, whatever. That’s exactly what Katy Perry did when she spotted Celine Dion in Paris in the middle of a photoshoot for … Read more

Kids Who Don’t Live In The South Discover Southern Food And Can’t Get Enough

For parents, dinner time, which once was an enjoyable social experience, is a battle. A child’s tastes and disposition do not lead them to eat healthy or even eat at all. And don’t even bother with giving them something new! What are you, crazy? But if you live in the South, dinnertime is slightly easier. … Read more

Baby News for Rodney Atkins and Wife Rose Falcon

As part of their Fourth of July celebrates, Rodney Atkins and his wife Rose Falcon shared their pregnancy news with the world. “We are thrilled to announce our family is growing,” Rodney shared on social media. “Baby Atkins will arrive in December and we know Elijah is going to be the best big brother.” This … Read more

Julie Andrews Reveals How Hard It Was to Make That Iconic “Sound of Music” Scene

We’ve all seen the iconic scene from “The Sound of Music,” where the incomparable Julie Andrews gleefully runs through an Austrian field singing the film’s titular song. Apparently, filming the scene wasn’t quite as joyous as its portrayed. There was rain, a lot of rain. “We were out there for ages because the weather was … Read more