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RaeLynn Needs to Give Her Husband Josh His Own Ringtone

If you’ve heard RaeLynn’s “Lonely Call,” you know that it paints a pretty specific picture. It’s about a late night call from someone who needs to be in your past. So we asked RaeLynn about the details.

The song is about the songstress’ now husband, Josh Davis, who at one time was her ex. The pair had dated and things didn’t work out, but she kept getting phone calls. The song begins:

Just a Monday, thrift shop couch
Bowl of Cheerios, it’s getting dark out

Clicking my remote to an episode

Of Crazy Housewives

And before you know

I see your face on my screen

That ringtone can only mean

Your friends are gone

You’re all alone

And you’re thinkin’ ’bout me

So what is Josh’s ringtone? RaeLynn tells One Country it’s nothing special:

And which crazy housewives was she watching?

Hear the tune:

No matter how the song goes, though, things worked out for this couple.

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