Sadie Robertson’s Ride Home After Getting Her Wisdom Teeth Out Was Really Something

There is an entire genre of amazing videos revolving around people who just got their wisdom teeth out. They are high on drugs and end up doing the following– crying about nothing, speaking their mind, or getting their groove on. Sadie Robertson is the last one and, oh boy, girl’s got moves. When “Low” by … Read more

1 Simple Trick To Make Sure You Never See Spoilers Again

You were at work/one a date/hanging out with your Grandmom and couldn’t catch your favorite TV show when it aired. That didn’t bother you. You DVR’d the show and will watch it later. But then, you opened your phone and BAM! Spoilers everywhere! Friends, celebrities, even your mother revealed secrets you’ve longed to see answered. … Read more

Brantley Gilbert Shares Bible Verse and New Tattoos

It’s no secret that Brantley Gilbert likes ink. The Georgia native has never been shy about his support for the 2nd Amendment of the United States Constitution (the right to bear arms) which is fixed on his back. Now, Brantley is sharing what appears to be some new work. “Praise the Lord who is my … Read more

“America’s Got Talent” Shares The Breathtaking Audition To Honor The Memory Of A Contestant Who Tragically Died In A Car Accident

On June 11th, Dr. Brandon Rogers, a contestant on “America’s Got Talent” tragically passed away in a car accident. At the request of his family, they shared his stunning audition to honor his memory. Rogers, a family physician from Virginia, sang “Ribbon in the Sky” by Stevie wonder. His performance recieved a standing ovation for … Read more

Morgan Evans Rocks This Inventive “Women of Country” Mashup That Includes His Fiancée Kelsea Ballerini

Morgan Evans is making a name for himself in the studio. The singer-songwriter has been churning out a run of mashup videos from Nashville’s Blackbird Studios, owned by none other than Martina McBride. His latest endeavor focuses on the women of country music. He starts into Carrie Underwood’s “Wasted,” before transitioning into Maren Morris’ “My … Read more

Recipe: Loaded Poolside Dip

Going to the pool isn’t all about swimming, it’s also about chowing down on some yummy snacks – like this amazing Loaded Poolside Ranch Dip from 12 Tomatoes. Recipe: Loaded Poolside Dip Ingredients: 1 (8 oz) package of cream cheese, room temperature 1 (1 oz) packet ranch seasoning mix 1 red or yellow bell pepper, … Read more

Miranda Lambert’s ‘The Weight Of These Wings’ Goes Platinum

Every album Miranda Lambert has released since Kerosene has gone platinum. That incredible trend continues with her sixth album, The Weight Of These Wings, a powerful two-disc collection of both summertime jams and vulnerable introspection. The Weight Of These Wings is Lambert’s longest album, comprised of 24 songs and fueled by the singles “Vice,” “We … Read more

The World’s Largest Super Soaker Will Make All The Neighborhood Kids Jealous (And Injured)

As a child, a Super Soaker was your partner, your lone offensive summertime weapon. Nerf was the choice of indoor battles, but outside? That was the realm of the soaker. Since my childhood, Super Soakers have unleashed an unregulated arms-race by pumping out electronic, automatic, multi-cannon, chain gun equivalent, fire hydrants posing as toys. That … Read more

Thomas Rhett Is All About His Wife Lauren’s Baby Bump

It is no secret that Thomas Rhett thinks the world of his wife Lauren. However, since she’s gotten pregnant, he’s gotten even more adorable (if you can imagine that). The singer-songwriter and his family are currently vacationing before their second child arrives. Thomas posted the following picture, showing off his wife and her baby bump … Read more

Jimmy Kimmel Made Up Names For Jay Z And Beyonce’s Twins And People Loved Them

Celebrities give their children weird names. They have to name their children something flashy and noteworthy, a unique name that stands on it’s own. But it’s gotten a little out of hand, to the point that we will believe people like Jay Z and Beyonce named their twins “Denver” and “Omelette”. Beyonce and Jay Z … Read more

Macklemore’s New Video Features His 100-Year-Old Grandmother and You Will Cry No Matter What

Admittedly, I don’t listen to Macklemore much. I kind of forgot about him to be totally honest. But, his new video for the song “Glorious” has him back in the spotlight for all the right reasons– his 100-year-old grandmother is the star of the show. Macklemore surprised his grandmother with a day of fun and … Read more