Brittany Aldean Just Shared the Ultimate Baby Bump Pic, Complete With Puppies

Most babies are pretty cute and the same goes for puppies. So, Brittany Aldean is following all the social media rules for the world’s most perfect baby bump pic– actual baby bump, dog doing something super cute, another dog that’s cute but interested in the photo. Nailed. It. View this post on Instagram Tha babezzzz … Read more

Maybe, Finally Mickey Guyton Has New Music Coming Out?

I’m no detective, but I watch a lot of “Dateline” and I think Mickey Guyton finally has new music coming. Guyton has been relatively quiet the last few months, aside from getting married, so this has been a long time coming. Guyton shot into all of country music’s line of vision in early 2015 with … Read more

Katy Perry Desperately Wants Taylor Swift to Be “Blessed on Her Journey”

Listen, I get it. I love Taylor Swift. Once, after Red came out, I asked my friends if they wanted to have an informal discussion group about it. Kind of like a book club, but about an album. No one wanted to be in it, but maybe I should’ve asked Katy Perry because she still … Read more

New Map Shows What Each State Hates the Most and We Have Some Serious Questions

In 2006, a study published by the University of Oklahoma found that people really bond by sharing negative attitudes about others. The study found, “We propose that sharing a negative—as compared to a positive—attitude about a third party is particularly effective in promoting closeness between people. Findings from two survey studies and an experiment support … Read more

Mandy Moore Shows How She Goes from 33 to 66 During “This Is Us”

Technically, Mandy Moore has two roles on NBC’s hit show, “This Is Us.” She’s the young Rebecca with three kids, a husband and a singing career. And she’s also the old Rebecca with a second husband, grandkids and a bad haircut. To age gracefully 30-plus years or so, Moore has to spend some time in … Read more

[Watch] Charlie Worsham, Charles Kelley, Hunter Hayes, Lindsay Ell Cover John Mayer Tunes in Epic Fashion

Charlie Worsham is in the business of giving back and for the third time this month he hosted a benefit concert for his Follow Your Heart Scholarship Fund. The fund provides guitars and lessons to kids in his home state of Mississippi and his most recent sold out show was a guitar lover’s dream come … Read more

Blake Shelton’s Animated Video “Doing It To Country Songs” is Here and Everything You Hoped It Would Be

Blake Shelton has released an animated music video to accompany his If I’m Honest track “Doing It To Country Songs.” The track, which features the Oak Ridge Boys, features many-a-critter singing, dancing, and otherwise enjoying Blake Shelton. It’s also chock-full of innuendo, a common trope in both animated films and country music. Shelton is portrayed … Read more

More Pics from Julianne Hough’s Honeymoon That Have Us Headed to the Gym, Then the Beach

Julianne Hough and new husband Brooks Laich are currently on their honeymoon on the private Fregate Island in the Seychelles off the coast of Africa. And each time they post a picture, we’re ready to hit the beach. Or maybe the gym. Definitely the gym, then the beach. Or maybe we can just do a … Read more

7 Ladies Over 60 Looking Better Than Ever

Whatever these ladies are doing or eating to look this good, we’re in. We’re so in. 7 Ladies Over 60 Looking Better Than Ever: 1. Dolly Parton Dolly is 71-years-young and doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Parton told People in 2016 that she goes low-carb to fit into those “tight-ass” costumes of … Read more

5 Pantry Staples You Probably Didn’t Realize Can Clean With

Did you know that you probably have natural cleaning remedies already in your home sitting in your pantry? Yep! All you have to do is know how to use them. 5 Pantry Staples You Probably Didn’t Realize Can Clean With: Lemons Walnuts Vegetable Oil and Baking Soda Ketchup Vinegar and Rice Wait. Ketchup?! Yeah, we … Read more

Paige Davis Will be Back to Host TLC’s “Trading Spaces”

Earlier this year, TLC announced it was bringing the original home-flipping design and decor challenge show, “Trading Spaces” back to TV. The show has been off the air for 10 years, so naturally fans have wondered what part of the original cast, if any, would return? Well, the wait is over– Paige Davis the original … Read more

7 Head-Turning Roadside Attractions in the South

A road trip is not complete without making a detour to see an interesting roadside attraction, and these roadside attractions are definitely, well, head-turning to say the least. 7 Head-Turning Roadside Attractions in the South: 1. Alabama: Lady of the Lake What do you do with your money when you’re a billionaire? Apparently, whatever the … Read more