See an Exclusive Clip From “Pure Country: Pure Heart”

Warner Bros. has released another segment in the “Pure Country” franchise. The film franchise, which began with George Strait’s acting debut in 1992, has added another installment with “Pure Country: Pure Heart.” It features Willie Nelson, Laura Bell Bundy and WWE legend Shawn Michaels. One Country has an exclusive clip from the new film which … Read more

Keith Urban Invites Lauren Alaina Onstage for “We Were Us”

Keith Urban sure knows how to please a crowd. The singer-songwriter brought Lauren Alaina onstage during his performance at the California Mid-State Fair in Paso Robles, Calif. Apparently, Keith heard Lauren jamming out to his duet with Miranda Lambert, “We Were Us,” and had to add it into the night’s set. “We don’t get to … Read more

A Texas Chick-Fil-A Answers The Call And Delivers To Hungry Soldiers In Iraq

I have never served in the military but I can imagine that military rations are nothing to write home about. U.S. Army 1st Lt. Jessie Guajardo would say the chicken is downright inedible. But he, like all military men, saw an opportunity where others saw a problem and found a way to lift the spirits … Read more

Jason Derulo is Working on a Country Music Project

Jason Derulo can’t tell you what it is, but he’s working on a country music project. Not only that, he’s fallen in love with country music. “I’m doing a country project…I’m excited about it, because I do love country music. I just won my first country music award. I got the bug,” he told TMZ … Read more

Brett Young Might Have a “No Butt Touching” Rule of His Own Someday

In case you didn’t know (went there), Brett Young is a really tall, attractive man. He’s stormed onto the country music scene in the last year and female fans have taken notice. Much like Luke Bryan’s “no butt touching” rule, Brett may be putting in some rules of his own in the future. Brett has … Read more

Kacey Musgraves Shares Precious Birthday Message to Her Fiancé Ruston Kelly

Happy birthday Ruston Kelly! His fiancée, Kacey Musgraves, is sending a special note to celebrate her man’s birth. “His birthday was yesterday but he should be celebrated every day,” she wrote on social media. “This man is the most patient, hilarious, gorgeous, honest soul you could ever meet. Never knew that one night a long … Read more

John Prine And Margo Price Are A Perfect Match For “In Spite Of Ourselves”

The Newport Folk Festival in Rhode Island is the summer music festival to go to for country and americana fans. You may debate that, but few other places mesh the rich history and vibrant future of the genre like Newport. Where else can you find John Prine and Margo Price onstage this summer? Their pairing … Read more

Dean Unglert, Kenny King and Other Contestants from “The Bachelorette” Don’t Believe Lee Garrett’s Apology Over Racists Tweets

Lee Garrett made quite a scene as a contestant on this season’s “The Bachelorette,” but his Twitter feed might have one-upped him. Throughout the season Garrett clashed with other contestants on the show, but especially with the men who have a different skin color than him. By the time the #MenTellAll came around, contestants were … Read more

12 Reason Whiskey Drinkers Make Better Lovers

Of all the drinkers, whiskey drinkers make the best lovers— they’re mysterious, worldly and know how to captivate themselves to every audience. They strike the perfect balance of straight edge and crazy, which radiates sex-appeal. 12 Reason Whiskey Drinkers Make Better Lovers: 1. Whiskey drinkers help you appreciate the little things. Whiskey is a simple … Read more

Joe Nichols Puts His Own Country Spin on Sir Mix-a-Lot’s “Baby Got Back”

Joe Nichols likes big butts and he cannot lie. That’s right, folks, Joe has covered Sir Mix-a-Lot’s “Baby’s Got Back.” Now when I say cover, I want to clarify. Joe isn’t rapping. Joe has completely reworked the karaoke favorite to fit his voice and sound. To debut the tune the singer has released an official … Read more

Matthew McConaughey Thinks He Is Still The Sexiest Man Alive And His Hardest Work Was On Rom-Coms

Stephen Colbert had never met Wild Turkey Bourbon’s Chief Storyteller and Academy Award winner Matthew McConaughey, before last night, but I’ll be a monkey’s uncle if they didn’t get along like long lost friends. The two Southern gents got along swimmingly while sipping on some 17 year bourbon discussing everything from why Rom-Coms are harder … Read more