How To Fold A Fitted Sheet According To Two Dudes And Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart has the same problem as the rest of us: she cannot fold fitted sheets, at least not well. Everyone has a method that generally devolves into fits of rage and wadded sheets. If you just said “not me,” you are excused and may leave. The rest of us need to learn from two … Read more

“Butterfly Kisses” Turns 20 Today, Let’s Enjoy It

In 1997, Bob Carlisle won a GRAMMY. “Butterfly Kisses” was awarded the GRAMMY for Best Country Song. It’s true. The tune is a relentless earworm that will leave you humming it’s silly sweet lyrics for decades. I just got it out of my head last week, and here I am, diving right back into the … Read more

Martina McBride Treats Her Daughters to the Musical “Waitress”

I’m not entirely sure who has it better in this story: Martina McBride, her daughters or the cast of “Waitress.” The songstress took her three daughters to see the hit musical. And, of course, they got to meet the cast and hang out onstage. “With some of the amazing cast of ‘Waitress‘ tonight,” Martina posted … Read more

Seriously, WTF Is Going On In The Trailer For Nicole Kidman’s New Movie?

Okay, so, let me start with this: we love Nicole Kidman around here. She is a treasure who graces us with her presence every day. That being said, the trailer for her new movie “The Killing Of A Sacred Deer” looks very strange in a creepy artsy kind of way. We don’t know how to … Read more

7 Hilarious Moments From Brad Paisley’s Netflix Special

When I heard that Brad Paisley had a comedy special, I was skeptical. Was it going to be sketches? Songs? Standup? Well, Netflix has released “Brad Paisley’s Comedy Rodeo” and all my questions have been answered. The show does contain a couple sketches that book end the hour and standup from Nate Bargatze, John Heffron, … Read more

Super Dad Thomas Rhett is Signing Albums with One Hand and Holding His Newborn in the Other

Thomas Rhett has only been the father of two little girls for a few days, but he seems to already have the superstar country music singer and attentive father thing down. As Thomas preps to release his third studio album, Life Changes, he’s also literally attending to life changes at home. Ada James Akins was … Read more

12 Ways Men Can Improve Their Style — For Free

The effort you put into your personal style impacts the impression you make to the world. And, believe-it-or-not, the smallest of changes can lead to big results. Here are twelve ways you improve your personal style — all for free. 12 Ways Men Can Improve Their Style — For Free: 1. Practice Good PostureImproving your … Read more

Judge Judy Literally Copied A Scene Out of “Air Bud” To Resolve A Case

Judge Judy, Queen of the court, putter of people in their places, argument haver, pulled something that has only been seen in children’s movies. There was a dispute in her court over who owned a dog. So, instead of checking social media pictures, veterinary documents, or asking the owners questions, she put the dog in … Read more

Chris Hemsworth Is A Normal Person, Was Star-Struck By Cate Blanchett And Chris Pratt

It is easy to forget that celebrities are normal folks, even the biggest names in Hollywood. We would all go dumb and mute if we were to meet someone like Chris Hemsworth, but even he is not above getting star-struck. In fact, Thor revealed to ELLE that he got tongue-tied around a few of his … Read more

10 Most Influential Country Albums From the 1990s

When you re-examine some of the most crucial and defining albums of the 1990s, you begin to get a better understanding of today’s music scene ⎯⎯ through the eyes of such noise-making newcomers as Jon Pardi, William Michael Morgan, Runaway June and Midland, who are all breaking down the door with their rootsy mixture of … Read more

Jennifer Lawrence Wants You to Join Her For Some Wine Tasting, So You Can Drunk Dial Your Exes

As Jennifer Lawrence currently graces the cover of Vogue this month and claims she’s never described herself as a “regular person,” she’s here to prove just how regular she is– by inviting other regular people to drink wine with her. “We’ll hang out, drink some wine, talk politics, drink wine, maybe call your ex – … Read more

Lee Ann Womack is Back with Bluesy, Dark “All The Trouble”

Remember “I Hope You Dance”? I don’t after seeing this black and white photo of Lee Ann Womack smoking a cigarette as her new dark, rich and bluesy, “All The Trouble” plays in the background. The song and the album coming with it, The Lonely, The Lonesome & The Gone, is an exploration of Womack’s … Read more