Brothers Osborne’s “Ain’t My Fault” was 6 of the Best Minutes of All of #CMAFest

In 2015, the Brothers Osborne got their first big radio hit with “Stay A Little Longer.” There was just one problem– the radio version of the song left out John Osborne’s blistering guitar solo. Radio stations just weren’t going to play a song that was over 5 minutes long. The reigning CMA Duo of the … Read more

2 Lady Antebellum Babies Are On the Way Via Dave Haywood and Hillary Scott (No, Not Together)

It’s a Lady Antebellum baby boom! After taking a year off to work on personal projects and spend more time with their families, two Lady A members are adding to the bunch. Hillary Scott and husband Chris Tyrell are due in February. They have one daughter together, Eisele. Dave Haywood and wife Kelli are expecting … Read more

Charlie Daniels Says Tearing Down Confederate Monuments is Like ISIS

According to Charlie Daniels, statues don’t talk, preach or shout out, so if you don’t like them, don’t look at them. During a recent interview with NewsMax TV, Daniels had a lot to say about President Donald Trump and Confederate statues coming down across the country. When asked if the statues should come down, Daniels … Read more

Field & Stream’s Venison Patty Melt Will Make You Wonder Why You Ever Ate Beef Burgers

The patty melt is the holy union of grilled cheese sandwiches and burgers. It is simple, greasy, gooey, and completely satisfying. The recipe is simple– caramelized onions, good bread, cheese, butter, and meat– but life changing if you get it right. Field & Stream put a twist on the average patty melt by substituting the … Read more

RaeLynn is Totally Living the “Short Hair, Don’t Care” Life

When we first met RaeLynn on “The Voice,” she had long curly that rivaled Dolly Parton. After going through several ups and downs of music industry life, RaeLynn was ready to do something new, though she was a little scared. RaeLynn sat down with the Grand Ole Opry to discuss her current hairstyle and why … Read more

The Easiest Way To Make Food Off The Grill Taste Amazing

There is a profound difference between grey oven-made steak and sizzling meat off the grill. It is an art form for most men. They have their unimpeachable method for cooking; anything else is sin. I’m not here to mess with your method, I think you should add one simple ingredient to the fire: hardwood. I … Read more

Tanzania’s Underwater Hotel Belongs On Your Bucket List

I doubt the Tanzania coast is on your bucket list. Most tourists go inland on safari in West Africa, but there is a new attraction that demands your attention offshore, The Manta Resort: a three-story floating suite with crystal clear views of the coral reef and Milky Way. Now this is how you do the … Read more

Feast Your Eyes Upon The Spotted Cheetah, The Cheetos Pop-Up Restaurant In Manhattan

The food industry has gone too far. I’m not talking about quinoa, coconut water, cauliflower or any of the other revolting health “super foods” out there– I can’t even think about that right now. I’m talking about The Spotted Cheetah, Cheetos’ three day pop-up restaurant that is part hipster, part pothead play-land, and completely covered … Read more

Kelsea Ballerini’s Best Beauty Advice Should Be Taught in Middle Schools

Kelsea Ballerini knows what’s up. Not only has she become a massive country music star in the last couple of years, she’s also becoming known for her down-to-earth advice and very approachable vibe. A couple of years ago, people started comparing her legs to Carrie Underwood’s– a compliment for the ages, sure. But, when asked … Read more

Shania Lights Up “The Tonight Show” With Her Performance Of “Swingin’ with My Eyes Closed”

“She is a global superstar and the top selling country artist of all time.” That introduction from Jimmy Fallon is the only real way you can introduce Shania Twain. She is so well known that we all recognize her by one name. Heck, she didn’t even bother to put her last name on the cover … Read more

Watching Dolly Parton Sing “Makin’ Fun Ain’t Funny” to Kids Will Change Your Heart

The world needs more Dolly Parton. And somehow, Dolly seems to know this. Thank goodness. Dolly recently announced the release of I Believe In YouI Believe In You, her first album written and recorded for kids and those young at heart. The album’s 14 songs are full of that classic Dolly wisdom. During her press … Read more