10 Best Ways To Boost Your Productivity And Achieve Your Goals

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This Photo of the Bush Family Looking at the Solar Eclipse is All We Will Remember from Today

As the first total Solar Eclipse covered most of America for the first time since 1979, Presidents George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush watched together from their family home in Kennebunkport, Maine. They were joined by their family including former first ladies Barbara and Laura, (grand)daughters Jenna and Barbara, (grand) son-in-law Henry Hagar and … Read more

12 Country Music Stars Watching the Solar Eclipse in Nashville Just Like the Rest of the World

As the total Solar Eclipse captivated the country, Nashville and its country music stars were in the path of totality. And they watched it just like you. 12 Country Music Stars Watching the Solar Eclipse in Nashville Just Like the Rest of the World: 1. Luke Bryan and Fam Instagram post by Luke Bryan Official … Read more

Thomas Rhett Shared the Meaning Behind His Daughter’s Names and We Love Them Even More Now

Naming kids is hard. Naming kids that kind of come into your life at the same time is probably even harder. But, according to Thomas Rhett, he and wife Lauren didn’t struggle that much. When Thomas Rhett and his wife Lauren revealed they were adopting a baby girl from Uganda and expecting another little girl … Read more

“Bachelor in Paradise” Couples Reveals Gender of Baby in Sweet Video

Just a few weeks after they announced they were expecting, Evan Bass and Carly Waddell, who met and married on “Bachelor in Paradise,” revealed their having a little girl. The couple wed in front of cameras during the season 4 premiere of “Bachelor in Paradise,” but left the baby’s gender reveal up to the family. … Read more

This New York Street Artist Is Transforming Regular Streets into Works of Art

New York Street Artist Tom Bob transforms ordinary streets into works of art. Electrical terminals, sewers, and poles become funky, whimsical characters that bring new life to back alleys and street corners. Check out these eight before and after photos to see some of his most creative street art transformations. 1. Brush ‘Em Up (BEFORE) … Read more

Luke Bryan Sings Unreleased “What Makes You Country,” Which Will Definitely Get People Talking

After years and years of arguing, it seems like Luke Bryan might be sick and tired of hearing “that ain’t country.” During a pre-show VIP event before his Huntin’, Fishin’, and Lovin’ Every Day Tour, Luke played a new, unreleased song that addresses the issue head on. “What Makes You Country” was written by Luke, … Read more

Everybody Is Talking About The Eclipse Of The S-u-n But Your Pastor Wants To Talk About The Eclipse Of The S-O-N

All anyone wants to talk about is the solar eclipse and if I know one thing, pastors love to take hot topics of conversation and throw in some Jesus spice. I don’t mean the guys on TV who think every celestial event is a portent of the apocalypse. I’m talking about your pastor’s uncanny ability … Read more

Kip Moore’s “Blonde” is the Smartest Revenge Song We’ve Heard in Years

Leave it up to Kip Moore to write a sexy, sultry, yet nostalgic revenge tune. Technically, it’s not even a revenge tune– it’s just cold like that. Written by Moore, Steven Olsen, Josh Miller and David Garcia it’s more of a look at trends these days. Moore told Noisey, “Every girl now is trying to … Read more