This “Tonight Show” Game Proved Jon Hamm’s Face Is Made Of Rubber

Remember in school when you would stop by your best friend’s class on your way to the bathroom? You would look into that tiny window on the door until they noticed you then do everything in your power to make them laugh. That scenario is, in essence, the bedrock of “The Face It Challenge”, a … Read more

Luke Bryan Thought Someone Threw Him Drugs on Stage, So He Did an Investigation

Since Luke Bryan launched his Huntin’, Fishin’ and Lovin’ Every Day Tour, we’ve seen multiple bras launched at him, he’s fallen, he’s stolen a phone and read texts out loud and now, he’s getting now descript packages thrown at him too. During a recent show, Luke was about to sing “Play It Again,” when he … Read more

Brantley Gilbert’s Wife is Cool With Most Stuff– Until Women Start Throwing Underwear at Brantley

Brantley Gilbert’s wife Amber knows what to expect when he takes the stage. Usually, she takes most antics in stride and like any couple, they discuss boundaries. “We have boundaries. We have to discuss certain things sometimes. I mean, like in any relationship we have to figure out where each other is comfortable and if … Read more

Midland’s “Drinkin’ Problem” (Live) is Almost Too Pure for This World

Midland’s ’70s sexy, cool vibe is almost not safe for network television. But, luckily “Jimmy Kimmel Live” knew the world could handle it and the world needed it. The trio hit up the late night talk show to play their debut single, “Drinkin’ Problem,” which is the best drinkin’ song to blow through country music … Read more

Dustin Lynch’s Mom Approves of His New Sultry, Sexy Tunes

On September 8, Dustin Lynch will drop his third studio album, Current Mood. The album is definitely his sexiest collection of work– “Back on It” and “Why We Call Each Other” come to mind! But, don’t worry– his mom and dad approved.

Dustin wanted to make sure his parents heard the new tunes, but he didn’t play them all in a row or anything. He just sprinkled them in, here and there. His mom may like them even more than his dad. But, we can’t say that on the record.

Dustin is currently on the road with Brad Paisley but will kick off his headlining Ride or Die Tour in November with Ryan Hurd, LanCo and Michael Ray.

Thomas Rhett and Lauren Akins are Working on That Sister Bonding Time Between Willa and Ada

Ada James Akins is a week old now, so she’s had lots of opportunities to meet older sister Willa Gray. But, like any toddler, WG has had a tough adjustment period. Lauren recently shared an update on everyone’s new routine to Instagram, “So this is about 17 hrs post delivery & after I’d slept for … Read more