Margo Price Plays With Fire In The Music Video For “Weakness”

Margo Price may seem like a tame blast from country’s glitzy past, but she isn’t afraid to raise a little bit of hell with her music. The new video for her song “Weakness” is a wild ride through a liquor store hold-up, complete with arson and police chases, all scored to a boot-stompin’ tune remniscent … Read more

Police School A Teenager Who Thought He Was Vaping In Front Of A Cop Car

Here is a fact: men in their late teens and early twenties are not smart. Their brains don’t fully form until age 22, so we should cut them a little slack, but we don’t because they are arrogant babies who are fun to laugh at. For example, a bro at Kansas University thought he would … Read more

The Stark Sisters Acting Out “Baby Got Back” On Carpool Karaoke Is The Best Thing You Will Ever See

You may know Sophie Turner and Masie Williams better by their “Game of Thrones” alter egos, Sansa and Arya Stark. The embattled sisters are constantly arguing and bickering with one another over their differing world views and motivations but the actresses couldn’t be better friends. The two drove around LA in a plush Caddy for … Read more

Just Julianne Hough Beating the Crap Out of Someone in a Boxing Ring

You may know Julianne Hough as an incredible professional dancer and judge on “Dancing With the Stars,” but these days her feet are getting fancy elsewhere– in the boxing ring. In the video on Instagram, Hough said she was training for her next role– boxing with the stars? Beat the shit out of a dancer? … Read more

Kristen Bell Says Dax Shepard Dumped Her Once and Loves Reminding Him About It

For no reason other than an overly emotional response to another Hollywood couple calling it quits, Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard have been on a lot of people’s hearts and minds the past couple of weeks. Recently, just to check-in on one of America’s favorite couples, POPSugar sat down with Kristen to ask some questions. … Read more

Taylor Reveals More Of Her Mystery Creature (SNAKE)

Taylor Swift’s social media was wiped last week in preparation for some sort of bombshell revelation. Yesterday she began to reveal something on her social media coinciding with the solar eclipse: a scaly, twitching tail. Today, Swift is revealed more of her mystery animal. The midsection makes it look undeniably like a snake. Yesterday we … Read more

Wife Tries To Get Her Husband To Speak Without His Southern Accent But He “CAIN’T”

We Southerners get made fun of a lot for our accents. Never mind that our accents are closer to British accents than any other American dialect, that we are more efficient with our words than anyone else, and have a robust lexicon of jargon and colorful slang, folks still look down on us. Whatever, who … Read more

Fans Surprise John Cena To Thank Him For Being Their “Life Changer”

You never know what your words and actions mean to someone else. Even if you are put on a pedestal you can only hope that your life is a source of positive change in the world. John Cena has built his wrestling career on being a hard working guy who cares about his fans, inspiring … Read more

“Friends” Star Matt LeBlanc Quits Show Business

What does a star do after a hit? Many of them, especially if they are young) look for another hit. Matt LeBlanc was riding high after the the TV megahit “Friends” went off the air. He had a spinoff show about his character in the works called “Joey” and, like the rest of his co-stars, … Read more