Kim Kardashian Was Real Awkward While Interviewing Kellie Pickler

I’m not afraid to tell you that I like Kim Kardashian. I’ve always been very impressed with her temperament, if nothing else. Well, there isn’t much else, right? Kim recently filled in for Kelly Ripa on “Live With Kelly and Ryan” and she really had some great fillers for the segment. It started after Kim … Read more

American Hero Michael Phelps Is Expecting Baby #2

It’s all high fives and big celebration in the Phelps house hold but not because Michael won another event. It’s even better. Michael and Nicole Phelps announced that they are pregnant with their second child on both of their Instagram accounts. Even Boomer phelps got in on the act celebrating his baby brother or sister. … Read more

Jason Isbell Announces An All Female Guest Lineup For His Nashville Residency

Look, I am a big Jason Isbell fan and think he is one of the greatest songwriters in Nashville right now. That being said, I agree with Steve Earle that the best music coming out of Nashville right now is made by women. The women of country have better vocal, lyrics, and stronger music than … Read more

Stranded Parents Are Joining Their Kids At College

Parents don’t get to see much of where their money goes while their kids are in college. Their children are out of the house, living independently, but funded by parents far away. Some parents who fled Hurricane Harvey are remedying this by joining their kids at school. Some are even going to class to make … Read more

Backstreet Boys Sang “As Long As You Love Me” With Florida Georgia Line and We Can’t

I don’t care who you are or where you’re from, you have to recognize that the Backstreet Boys and Florida Georgia Line make up quite the supergroup. The combined number of accessories alone make up monumental numbers when matched with album sales, streams and tickets sold. The now legendary supergroup not only teamed up for … Read more

[Watch] Cyrus Family Singing ‘Achy Breaky Heart’ in Mullet Wigs

Say what you want about Miley Cyrus’ antics— she can sang. And Billy Ray Cyrus is kind of weird, but cool and artistic. Noah Cyrus totally has her own cool thing going on. One of the songs is a model. Tish and Brandi have a new show on Bravo. This family is doing the damn … Read more

‘Cash Me Outside Girl’ is a Rapper Now with a Single Out (You Must Listen)

Though I vividly remember watching clip after clip of Danielle Bregoli on “Dr. Phil,” I’m still amazed at how a meme made her into a rapper with a single and over 2 million views on YouTube for the tune. Not to mention, 600,000 streams on Spotify. (Very solid numbers.) Danielle who is no longer going … Read more

Coldplay Played A New Song (That They Will Never Play Again) In Support Of Houston

Coldplay is not a country band, but they wrote a country inspired song to honor and support everyone affected by Hurricane Harvey. Before they started to play the song, frontman Chris Martins said, “This is a new song and we’ll never play it again. It’s a once-off called ‘Houston.’” Coldplay debuted the song in Miami, … Read more

Joel Osteen Says His Church Was Never Asked to Be a Shelter and Its Doors Have Always Been Open

After days of scrutiny, Houston-area pastor and worldwide Christian personality, Joel Osteen, is speaking out about his church’s inaction in response to Hurricane Harvey. Osteen took to “Today” to respond to social media critics. Osteen reminded viewers that some people in Houston were stranded just across the street from his Lakewood Church, even if the … Read more

Thomas Rhett Describes The Sweetest Thing Willa Gray Has Done For Her Little Sister

Any parent will tell you that toddlers have to learn to be gentle. Their default state is loud and wild and they don’t always understand that babies need quiet and soft. Thomas Rhett has two daughters, one a newborn. His older daughter, Willa Gray, likes to play and have fun, but she has watched how … Read more

Dustin Lynch’s Acoustic Performance of His New ‘Love Me or Leave Me Alone’ Will Get You

Dustin Lynch’s album, Current Mood, won’t drop until September 8, but one song already has the country music world up in arms– “Love Me or Leave Me Alone.” The tune is an old school, country music heartache tune and Lynch’s acoustic version on the Bobby Bones Show will hit you right in the gut. Lynch … Read more

“The Voice” Coaches Fight Crime (And Each Other) In A Retro Promo

You all know that the coaches on “The Voice” are multi-talented superstars, but did you know they are also 1970’s detectives? No? You do know, gumshoe. Wait, you think, that can’t be possible. Sorry kid, that’s life in this city. One day you’re on your beat drinking a cup of coffee and the next TV … Read more