Lauren Akins Chopped Off Over A Foot Of Her Hair For A Good Cause

Lauren Akins had some really long hair–emphasis on had. She just chopped off over a foot of her golden locks for Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths campaign, which makes and wigs for women battling cancer. The campaign helps women feel like themselves again by giving free, real-hair wigs to those who need them. The minimum donation is … Read more

Nicole Kidman’s Tips For Great Skin Are Pretty Realistic, But Keith Urban’s Tip Is Even Better

At some point, we’ve all dreamed of having glowing skin or flowing locks like our favorite celebrities. Unfortunately for us mere mortals, the beauty regimens of the stars are typically a little (or a lot) out of our price range. But as it turns out, Nicole Kidman has some practical skincare tips for all of … Read more

Kenny Chesney and David Lee Murphy Join Forces For New Album, ‘No Zip Code’

Fans of 90’s country music will remember David Lee Murphy from hits like “Party Crowd” and “Dust on The Bottle.” What some may not know, is that Murphy is a successful songwriter who has written hits for some of country’s top stars, including Jason Aldean (“Big Green Tractor), Jake Owen (“Anywhere With You”), Blake Shelton … Read more

This Girl Took Her Senior Pictures at McDonald’s Because It’s ‘Where She’s Happiest’

Now, don’t get me wrong; there are few things I love more than some fresh french fries from McDonald’s with a little sweet and sour sauce and an ice cold sweet tea. But this level of commitment to the Golden Arches takes it to a whole new level. Mikayla Cleckler, a soon-to-be graduate from a … Read more

43 Dolly Parton Album Covers Ranked

National Treasure Dolly Parton has been making music since the dawn of time. She’s literally written close to a million songs and has released 43 studio albums. Of course, each of those albums are full of musical masterpieces, but some of the artwork is not great. 43 Dolly Parton Album Covers Ranked:   43. Holy … Read more

This Ribeye Steak Recipe Is The One That Made Ree Drummond Famous

By now almost everyone has heard of The Pioneer Woman. She started out by blogging her favorite recipes and cooking tips, and the rest is history! Her very first blog post was “How To Cook a Steak,” a practical (and helpful) choice. Since then, she’s practically built an empire around classic homestyle cooking and living. … Read more

Pup Takes A Leap of Faith The First Time He Sees Stairs And We Can’t Help But Laugh

Stairs are no problem for humans. They are the preferred means of climbing from one place to another with ease and speed (the ladder builder’s union won’t be happy I said that). But for animals stairs are terrifying cliffs, a slippery slope of turmoil and danger. If you have a dog, you know what I … Read more

Newcomer Jacob Davis Welcomes Baby Girl

Country newcomer Jacob Davis and his wife have just turned their party of three into a party of four over the weekend with the birth of their second daughter, Lane Elizabeth. Lane Elizabeth joins big sister Percy to the family. Percy, who will be turning 2-years-old, was born on Christmas Eve 2015. Davis, who hails … Read more

Jason Isbell’s Rowdy “Cumberland Gap” Is The Anthem Coal Miners Need Right Now

It is no secret that coal miners are having a tough time right now. Energy companies and the public at large are moving away from the fossil fuel to more renewable sources and politicians haven’t come through on their lofty promises of new jobs. Jason Isbell captures their frustration in “Cumberland Gap” a song that … Read more

Our 10 Burning Questions About Ivanka’s Odd Tweet

Ivanka Trump recently tweeted an adorable picture of her and her infant nephew, Luke. That’s fine. It’s cute. It’s great. Whatever. But her caption is a little more than confusing. “Cuddling my little nephew Luke… the best part of an otherwise incredible day!” Oh, that’s so– OTHERWISE!? Could it be a typo? Maybe, but she … Read more