Lulu the Black Lab Failed Out of CIA School Because She ‘Wasn’t Interested in Detecting Explosive Odors’

My black lab is about as timid and cuddly as they come. My husband originally got her so he’d always have someone to accompany him on his duck hunts, but we quickly realized she wasn’t “cut out” for early mornings, being in the cold, or being around loud noises. Needless to say, she certainly wouldn’t … Read more

Dolly Parton Answers Pleas From Five Former Presidents With Donation To One America Appeal

Dolly Parton is showing just how big her heart is by making a donation to One America Appeal to help support Hurricane Relief. One America Appeal is a joint appeal that was launched by all five living former American Presidents to support recovery efforts from Hurricane Harvey and was soon expanded to include areas affected … Read more

How To Put On A Duvet Cover Without Wanting To Rip The Thing To Shreds

If you’ve ever tried to put a new duvet cover on a comforter, you know that it’s one of the most obnoxious (and surprisingly difficult) tasks ever. You practically have to climb inside of it to get the corners in the right place, and if you’re really unlucky, you realize after 20 minutes of wrestling … Read more

Miranda Lambert Speaks Out on Imbalance of  Men and Women Played on Country Radio– “It’s B.S., Straight Up”

Miranda Lambert is gracing the cover of the November issue of Redbook and she’s not holding back on all things Miranda. The 33-year-old singer, who is a tell it like it is kinda gal, talked to the magazine about music, men and the music industry—essentially the disparity between men and women played on radio. It’s … Read more

Canada’s Version Of ‘The Bachelor’ Is Still Very Weird

Let’s start with restating the obvious: there is no need for a Canadian version of “The Bachelor.” Canadians regularly are contestants (and win) on the American version. It just seems unnecessary. Even so, the show of roses has headed into the wild north to find a very weird set of contestants. One of whom is … Read more

Everyone Should Watch Megyn Kelly and Hoda Kotb Dance to Pitbull Because WHAT IN THE WORLD

The only actual opinion I have about Pitbull is that he is everywhere. One can only assume that’s why he’s called Mr. Worldwide. I have strong feelings about the “Today Show.” I cried when they weirdly forced out Ann Curry for Savannah Guthrie, though I love me some SG. I didn’t like how they handled … Read more

Brittany Aldean Just Shared Baby Boy Memphis’ Nursery Pics and We’d Sleep There

Baby boy Memphis isn’t set to make his debut for another few weeks, but Jason and Brittany already have the most perfect place set up for him. Brittany recently shared a couple of photos on Instagram of his nursery and I haven’t been a baby for a long time, but– I could take a few … Read more

Luke Bryan Gave Wife Caroline a Major Engagement Ring Upgrade for Their 10th Anniversary

Luke Bryan just continues to kill the game. He’s not just a nominee for CMA Entertainer of the Year with a new album on the way and No. 1 hit, after No. 1 hit. He’s also a devoted husband and father– with a sense of humor. Luke confirmed to People that the engagement ring on … Read more

Jennifer Garner Reading To A Dog With Glasses Will Make Your Day

Jennifer Garner has to be the most adorable person in Hollywood. It’s hard not to love her. The “13 Going on 30” actress may be new to Instagram—she joined the rest of the world on Sept. 1—but she’s killing it with her posts. The videos she’s been shareing give us an inside look into her … Read more

A Fancy California Restaurant ‘Proudly’ Resells Popeye’s Chicken As Its Own

Look, I love a good brunch. You just can’t beat an excellent late breakfast. But brunch is getting pretty out of hand. Restaurants are going crazy trying to keep up and compete for brunchers. I have seen restaurants put whole slabs of bacon, shrimp, and even a sandwich in their Bloody Mary. Now, a fancy … Read more

Ruston Kelly Showed Off His Impressive Competitive Figure Skating During Wedding Reception with Kacey Musgraves

Before Kacey Musgraves and Ruston Kelly met and fell in love and even before they were acclaimed songwriters in Nashville, they had two pretty interesting things going for them. Kacey was a world-renowned yodeler and Ruston was a competitive figure skater. View this post on Instagram Me circa 2003 when I was literally a competitive … Read more

Woman Pranks Husband By Pretending To Adopt A Coyote and He Lost His Mind

Photoshop is wonderful thing, especially if you enjoy a good prank. Kayla Eby knows this and also has habit of adopting random animals. So, when she told her husband that she adopted a “cute little dog,” which was really a coyote, he took the bait– hook, line, and sinker. All she had to do was … Read more