Ree Drummond Was As Delightful As Ever On “GMA” As She Shared 15-Minute Recipes From Her New Cookbook

Ree Drummond’s new cookbook, “Come and Get It,” hits shelves tomorrow, October 24, and I personally can’t wait to get my copy and make a priority list of which recipes I want to try first. As part of her promotional tour, Ree visited “Good Morning America” to share a few recipes from the book, and … Read more

Is Taylor Swift Naked in Her Video Teaser for “…Ready For It?”

Taylor Swift’s reputation is just a couple of weeks out from an official drop and the media onslaught might be beginning. Taylor‘s most recent teaser is for her tune, “…Ready For It” and it appears, that maybe, finally, Old Taylor might actually be dead, because New Taylor is… naked in the video? Or something dangerously … Read more

UPDATE: Trace Adkins Chops Off His Long Luxurious Hair—OK, Not Really

UPDATE: 2:30pm CT – Oops, even we were fooled. We heard from Trace’s camp about his haircut and were told that Trace did NOT cut his hair. At closer inspection of the video, we are told that his hair is pulled up under his cap, which is the way he often wears it when he’s … Read more

Tim McGraw Says The Secret To A Long Relationship Is In The Video For “The Rest Of Our Lives”

It’s about time Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s “The Rest of Our Lives” is an open look at the less glamorous side of marriage. The couple is in the middle of a fight, unable to talk without shouting. It’s not a fairytale look at a marriage, but it is real and common. Just ask any … Read more

Morgan Wallen and Florida Georgia Line’s “Up Down” is Lit

Morgan Wallen records Morgan Wallen songs with Florida Georgia Line Up Down

Maybe Florida Georgia Line thought their sound had matured beyond releasing “Up Down” for themselves or maybe they just really like Morgan Wallen, either way– this song is about to be everywhere. [RELATED: Morgan Wallen Joins DJ Diplo for Cutting Edge Collaboration, “Heartless” [LISTEN]] “Up Down” is a party anthem, a feel-good jam about fishing … Read more

Budweiser Has A New Beer Based On A Recipe Once Halted By The Prohibition

Great news, beer fanatics! Budweiser just announced that they’re releasing a limited-edition 1933 Repeal Reserve Amber Lager, giving beer lovers the chance to experience (and taste) a piece of history. According to Budweiser, the recipe dates back to pre-Prohibition times when Adolphus Busch created a special Amber Lager for all of his friends and community … Read more

McDonald’s Is Now Testing a Vegan Burger And I Bet You Know Exactly What They’re Calling It

I don’t know if this is good news or not, but McDonald’s is testing a vegan version of their hamburger, and it’s called– you guessed it– the “McVegan.” Creative, I know. The “McVegan” is apparently a soy-based veggie burger served with fresh tomato, lettuce, pickles, and a “special McFeast sauce.” This comes after a long … Read more

Exclusive: Steve Moakler Gives a Behind-The-Scenes Look at “Hearts Don’t Break That Way” Video

With his new album Steel Town out now, Steve Moakler is giving One Country an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the video for his song, “Hearts Don’t Break That Way.” “The thing that has always been interesting to me about ‘Hearts’ is that it’s break-up song with an upbeat sing-along feel,” Steve reveals to One Country. … Read more

Wedding Photographer Hid Pennywise In His Sister’s Engagement Pictures Like Any Good Brother Would

Jesse McLaren is a good photographer and a good brother. He shot his sister’s engagement photos, which came out beautifully, but he couldn’t help pulling a quick prank on her. In the background of every picture, out of focus or peaking around a tree, is Stephen King’s terrifying, shape-shifting clown, Pennywise. And when we say … Read more

Jake Owen’s Super Cool Nashville Home is Up For Sale for $1.5 Million

If you’ve always wanted to live a little like Jake Owen or maybe a little like you’re in the middle of a Restoration Hardware catalog and you’ve got $1.5 million– this is the house for you. Owen‘s home is about 30 minutes from downtown Nashville and was also once owned by Loretta Lynn. It’s been … Read more

How To Make Top-Rated Corn and Cheese Chowder

If you’re looking for a hot, tasty comfort meal for a cold night, look no further! The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond, has a perfect (and top-rated) corn and cheese chowder that the whole family (and then some) will love! It’s easy to make and serves up to 12 people. The Pioneer Woman’s Corn and Cheese … Read more

Country Air Podcast, Episode 12: In-Depth New Music Discussion

The last few weeks in country music have been huge for fans who love new music. As Kelsea Ballerini, Chris Stapleton, Tim McGraw and Faith HIll, and Luke Bryan prepare to launch new albums, we’ve already gotten new full releases from Shania Twain, Carly Pearce, Dolly Parton, Darius Rucker and Jessie James Decker. Plus new … Read more