25 Pumpkin Carving Templates Of Your Favorite Country Music Stars

When it comes to the art of pumpkin carving, I typically don’t have the patience (or creativity) to think up something unique, so I stick to the basic Jack-O-Lantern style and call it a day. Or if I’m feeling extra lazy and un-aspirational, I’ll just paint the pumpkins— or just leave them as they are … Read more

The Bush Twins Read Text Messages from Their Dad on Camera–They Were Truly Wonderful and Dad-ish

Since Jenna Bush Hager became a regular on the “Today Show,” we have gotten to see a lot more of the personal side to the Bush family, especially JBH’s dad President George W. Bush. And though we’ve seen a lot of W., we are just now getting a glimpse into Jenna’s twin Barbara’s personal life. … Read more

The Top Dog Names of 2017 Have Been Announced And (Some) Are Cute Enough To Be Baby Names

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to naming your pup. It’s arguably harder than naming a child, because you have a much wider range of names to choose from. After all, you can’t very well name your kid “Bacon” and get away with it. My Dog’s Name, a resource for finding the perfect … Read more

Source Says: Gwen Stefani Wants to ‘Give Blake Shelton His First Child’ and That’s Such a Weird Thing to Tell People

Normally, I’m not one for tabloid fodder or rumors. But, sometimes, sometimes— headlines are just funny and kind of weird and personal and you have to dig into it. Recently, “Entertainment Tonight” ran a story on its site with the headline, “Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani Want to Have a Baby Together, Source Says (Exclusive).” … Read more

10 Movies of the “Halloween” Franchise, Officially Ranked

The mood. The setting. The undeniably chilling score. John Carpenter’s “Halloween” defined much of what constitutes the slasher genre, also illustrated in such later ’80s flicks as “A Nightmare on Elm Street” and “Friday the 13th” ⎯⎯ but it was Carpenter’s skillful direction that paved the way. The story was pretty simple: a psychotic boy … Read more

Clinton Kelly Beat Dolly Parton In A Game Of Trivia About Her Life And It Was Actually Pretty Impressive

Who knows more about Dolly Parton than Dolly Parton? Probably no one, but Clinton Kelly might come in a close second! In a recent episode of “The Chew,” Dolly and Clinton went head-to-head in a game of I Beg Your Parton where they were asked a series of questions about Dolly Parton’s life and career. … Read more

Blake Shelton is Launching a Clothing Line Called ‘BS By Blake Shelton’ and It’s Literally Just a Bunch of Plaid Shirts

Blake Shelton is about to add a new line to his resume– fashion icon and clothing designer. Yes, that’s right– Blake Shelton the man of many plaid shirts and jean jackets is launching a clothing line with Macy’s. The launch of the new line is set to take place on November 2 at Macy’s Herald … Read more

Everyone Told Norman Reedus Not To Do “The Walking Dead”

In 2010, zombies were not a big deal like they are today. Sure, we all knew zombies as a horror trope, but today I know people with actual zombie apocalypse tool kits, which is crazy. That’s like having a wooden stake and some garlic by your bed just in case a vampire shows up. A … Read more

Kristen Bell Couldn’t Name Tim McGraw in a Lineup and We’ve Never Been More Upset

If Kristen Bell keeps moving at the beloved pace she’s moving at, she’s well on her way to officially becoming America’s Sweetheart. Though that’s not an official title Americans vote on or appoint, every few years the title is floated and bestowed on someone. I was all for Kristen taking it over until she could … Read more

Auntie Anne’s Launched A New Pretzel Flavor And It Brings Some Serious Spice

Over the summer, Auntie Anne’s gave pretzel lovers across the United States the opportunity to vote for the next pretzel flavor. After more than 1.3 million votes were tallied, Sriracha was declared the Pretzel Nation Creation champion, beating out an eclectic mix of flavors including S’mores, Korean BBQ, Pink Lemonade, Dill Pickle and Maple Brown … Read more

10 Best Songs From Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash’s songbook is one of American idealisms, detailing sorrow, grief, addiction and romance. Over the course of five decades, he transformed country and pop music with his sharp penmanship and astute covers of his peers’ work. His countless studio records, ranging from I Walk the Line and Silver to At Folsom Prison, Bitter Tears … Read more