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Maren Morris Totally Channeled Cher Horowitz from “Clueless” With Her BMI Awards Outfit

At last night’s BMI Awards, Maren Morris was honored with two awards, and had the opportunity to pay tribute to Keith Urban after he won BMI’s Philanthropic Champion Award. Maren took the stage in a gorgeous 3-piece outfit that was totally reminiscent every true 90s girl favorite fashion icon: Cher Horowitz in “Clueless.” Maren made … Read more

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Robert Earl Keen Has Been A ‘Lifelong Fan’ of Classical Music

You might think that to write and perform country music an artist would need to be up on the current trends within the genre. You might even assume they would have to listen to country music on the radio. Well, Robert Earl Keen has blown up those ideas. Not only does he not listen to country music on the radio, he doesn’t listen to most genres of music.

When we asked Keen what he loves on country radio he didn’t quite know what to say because he exclusively listens to classical music.

“Bach, Mozart, Prokofiev – I love classical music,” he said after apologizing for not knowing what was happening on country radio. It’s not that he dislikes anything happening in the country industry, he just loves orchestral music.

“I’ve been a lifelong [classical music fan]. My first musical experiences were all classical music experiences.”

Keen’s love for the genre extends to his philanthropic work. He holds a benefit for the Hill Country Youth Orchestra in Kerrville, TX, a tuition-free orchestra program that encourages and nurtures musical talent in the Texas Hill Country.

To RaeLynn, Showing Up To Support Other Females is Just Like Going To Church

Fresh off of hosting CMT’s Next Women of Country on Tuesday morning (Nov. 8), Raelynn headed over to the BMI songwriters awards that evening to continue spreading the word about females in country music.

One Country‘s Kelly Sutton caught up with the “Love Triangle” singer and asked about the camaraderie of the females in country music.

“It’s just like going to church—you go every week, you know you love the Lord, but to be able to be around the people that believe in the same thing that you do is awesome. We need to have these events every year to be able to honor each other and love each other and support each other. It’s not about if it needs to happen or not, it’s just about the community of it and I think it’s really important.”

A big supporter of females herself, the Texas native was once shown that support from one of the biggest females in country music, Miranda Lambert, who not only championed the Raelynn and her music, but invited to be a part of the all female lineup of her Roadside Bars & Pink Guitars tour.

“I got mentored by one of the best, Miranda [Lambert], growing up and going on tour with her,” Raelynn said to One Country. “She’s an amazing person and to be able to have a format where they have that community is awesome.”

How’s that for girl power!

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Lauren Alaina’s Early Birthday Celebration Had the Singer Seeing Red…White and Blue

Lauren Alaina is having a really good day. Not only is it her 23rd Birthday (Nov. 8), but the Georgia native will be attending the 51st Annual CMA Awards as a first time nominee. Before the big day, Lauren’s friends and family made sure that her birthday wouldn’t get lost amidst all the hub-bub of … Read more

Morgan Evans Has Won So Many Awards He Can’t Even Remember Them All

Morgan Evans may not be nominated for a CMA Award tonight but the Australian singer has a history of winning in country music. He was the 2016 CMA Global Artist of the Year and has won five fan voted Country Music Channel Awards, including Male Artist of the Year. Those facts are surprising to him as well.

We caught up with Evans on the BMI Country Awards red carpet to play a game of True or False with some of his most notable achievements. When we asked him about his Music Row Discovery Award, he looked like he had just found out he won.

“All this is funny, but it’s true,” he laughed.

Evans then reflected what it meant to him to be a part of the BMI Awards, a night that celebrates songwriters and publishers.

“Tonight is the perfect representation of why, out of anywhere in the world, I moved here. I feel like this is a song town and tonight is a celebration of that.”

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