Pastor’s Post-Sermon Interview Says All The Things You Think After Going To Church

What if pastors had post-sermon interviews like football coaches? Well, it would be pretty hilarious and we would finally all say what we were thinking during the Sunday service. “Pastor, Pastor! Can you talk about that fumbled joke during the last point?” The guy in the video is a little too specific, maybe a little … Read more

Get Your Tissues Ready, Reba McEntire Surprises One of Her Biggest Fans

Many people consider themselves Reba McEntire’s biggest fan, but “Pickler & Ben” invited one lucky fan, who wrote a touching letter about her, to meet the country legend. When Reba was scheduled to appear on the daytime talks show, Ben said the ticket requests just flew in with heartfelt letters. But one special letter from … Read more

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill Say Gun Control is Not About the Second Amendment

A couple of years ago, Tim McGraw agreed to headline a benefit concert for Sandy Hook Promise, an organization that advocates for responsible gun ownership. People went crazy, his opener Billy Currington dropped out of the show and all kinds of other backlash. Of course, McGraw recovered from the whole thing, but now– he’s using … Read more

9 Chip and Joanna GIFs That Accurately Describe Marriage

Chip and Joanna Gaines have quickly become one of my favorite couples on TV, and watching them interact together is hilarious. In fact, if you are a married person, you have probably watched episodes of “Fixer Upper” and thought to yourself Chip Gaines and my husband could be best friends. In honor of the final … Read more

Willie Nelson Opened Up About His Days As A Bible Salesman And His Best Tip For Dealing With Hair Tangles

What would you ask Willie Nelson if you had the chance to sit down with him? Maybe you would ask him about his music, his friendship with country legends, or stories from the road. Or maybe, just maybe, you would be like Southern Living and ask him about his hair – how he learned to … Read more

Everything We Know (So Far) About Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston’s New TV Show

You might’ve already heard through the rumor mill that Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston are going to appear in a TV show together. Good news: It’s true. View this post on Instagram So excited to be reunited with this one-of-a-kind lady #JenAniston as we make our TV show for @apple. Can’t wait for y’all to … Read more

Taylor Swift Continues to Own Being a ‘Snake’ with Custom Diamond-Encrusted Snake Microphone

So, here’s the thing about Taylor Swift’s reputation album— “Look What You Made Me Do” was a major curve-ball, released to throw everyone off their Taylor Swift game. Listeners were supposed to assume that Taylor had learned zero lessons and would be trying to address all the rumors and drama following her around by singing … Read more

Runaway June Saves The Day in Action-Packed “Wild West” Video

If you’re ever in a old western shoot out, you’re going to want to have the ladies from Runaway June on your side. In their latest video for “Wild West,” Naomi, Jennifer and Hannah, not only sing, but they single-handedly save the day. What starts out as a typical western music video, quickly turns into … Read more

Your Complete Thanksgiving Holiday Hosting Checklist

Hosting Thanksgiving is no task for the weak. From making sure you have enough plates and food to getting your house guest-ready, there’s a lot that has to get done before the big day to make sure it goes off without a hitch. To make sure you’re prepped and ready, simply follow this checklist and … Read more

“The Voice” Announces Its Comeback Artists And A Lot Of Fans Are Very Excited

“The Voice” is giving a a few fan favorites a second chance at stardom in a new season. The four artists, who return seasoned from their stints on the show and time performing live since last season, are sure to heat up competition across the board. But country fans should be especially excited with the … Read more

Billy Ray Cyrus Performed His Song “Some Gave All” In Honor of Veteran’s Day on “Pickler and Ben”

On the Veteran’s Day episode of “Pickler & Ben,” Billy Ray Cyrus and band gave a special intimate performance of his song “Some Gave All” with several Veterans and their families in the audience. Billy Ray gave a great performance, but his fellow bandmate that took the second verse was fantastic. Overall, it was a … Read more