The Jingle Juice Cocktail Recipe Your Next Holiday Party Needs

This holiday cocktail is basically the classier, holiday-themed version of jungle juice. It’s super easy to make and is sure to be a hit at your next party! Whip up a batch, turn on some Christmas music, and celebrate the holidays in style! Ingredients: 4 cups Cran-Apple juice 2 bottles of red moscato 1 bottle … Read more

9 Times Brett Eldredge’s Dog Edgar Was Perfect (And 1 Time He Was Kind of Terrifying)

Brett Eldredge is one of the most likable humans on the planet for reasons other than his vocal skills and good looks. Brett is hilarious, kind, loves his mom and is the world’s most obsessed dog dad. Brett brought Edgar home about a year-and-a-half ago and he’s been the star of Brett’s Instagram ever since. … Read more

Jimmy Fallon’s #DecorationDisasters Will Leave You Feeling A Lot Better About Your Decorations

The last live Christmas tree my mother ever bought fell over and broke a table. She carved it up with a chainsaw in our living room. It may not have been the perfect Christmas, but it was the most memorable. Those Clark Griswold moments when everything goes horribly wrong, those unavoidable decoration disasters, were the … Read more

Before and After Photos From Season 5, Episode 2 of “Fixer Upper” You Need to See

If you’ve watched even just one episode of HGTV’s “Fixer Upper,” you know that Chip and Joanna Gaines are pretty much wizards. They can take the most dilapidated home and turn it into an unbelievable retreat, all while making it look fun. On the second episode of this season, Chip and Jo helped the Sandvall’s … Read more

If You’ve Ever Wanted a Tailgate Wedding And Wished Tim Tebow Would Attend It, This Is The Best News Ever

Every bride has her own specific style and taste that she plans out for her wedding day. Some women want a traditional church ceremony and a nice reception. Others prefer an outdoor ceremony and rustic decor. But if you’ve always dreamed of having your wedding centered around the SEC, then boy do I have great … Read more

Blake Shelton Lashes Out at Social Media Trolls After Being Attacked For A Photo With Speaker of the House Paul Ryan

Blake Shelton is really fed up with the lies and rumors the are reported about him on what feels like a daily basis. As Blake’s career has skyrocketed, thanks to “The Voice,” his every move is tracked by media and internet trolls think they have the right to tell him exactly what they think. Well … Read more

10 Women in Country Music Who Deserve to Breakout Already

Women are underrated. Somehow (even though it’s not exactly a mystery), we are still combating equal rights, which is terrifyingly reflected on the airwaves. Looking at the country radio charts any given week, there might be two or three solo women present ⎯⎯ but even that is becoming a rarity these days. With Carrie Underwood … Read more