New Country Music Trio, MC3, Mashes Up 25 Hit Country Songs From 2017 in Under Four Minutes

You may not have heard of the new country trio MC3, but they are making their mark on country music with a mashup of the top country songs in 2017, performed in under four minutes. The trio, comprised of siblings Lauren (22), Kathryn (19) and Robert McMillan (13), posted the video to their social media … Read more

Margaritaville Hotel Is Bringing The Beach To Nashville

Jimmy Buffet is creating an empire. After building a successful chain of destination restaurants, the musician announced the development of Margaritaville Retirement Communities on the east coast. Now, he is expanding to Nashville with the Margaritaville Hotel on south Broadway. Now you can look for your lost salt shaker of salt before hitting a honky-tonk … Read more

Dierks Bentley Recognized For His Big Heart and Giving Spirit

We always knew Dierks Bentley had a big heart and now others are recognizing the “Drunk on a Plane” singer for his efforts. The Country Radio Broadcasters have announced that Dierks will be the newest recipient of the CRS 2018 Artist Humanitarian Award. CRS (Country Radio Seminar) is an annual three day event that brings … Read more

Kelly Clarkson Covered Prince’s “Kiss” and We Need a Minute to Recover

Not since Julia Roberts sang “Kiss” in the bathtub during “Pretty Woman” has someone covered the Prince hit as well as Kelly Clarkson just did for Spotify. “Kiss” was the lead single from Prince’s eighth studio, Parade, in 1986 and was No. 1 on Billboard‘s Hot 100 for 2 weeks that year. It also won … Read more

The Most Popular Cookie In Every State, According to The Cookie Experts

Few things are better than a classic chocolate chip cookie, but it’s important to remember that the world of cookies is expansive. From Snickerdoodle to Peanut Butter to Macadamia, cookies are as diverse as ever– and as it turns out, every state across the U.S. has a favorite– and who better to conduct a survey … Read more

Dax Shepherd Has Given Up On Trying To Make His Two-Year Old Behave

The life change that occurs when a parent goes from having one child to having two is cataclysmic. That may be an understatement. It doesn’t get twice as hard, it gets exponentially harder to keep up with two little ones. Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell are living proof of this and their second child is … Read more

10 Super Cool and Unique Stocking Stuffer Gift Ideas

In some parts of the world, stocking stuffers are more important than what’s under the tree. There could be cash, underwear to last a lifetime or something cool and unique just for your loved one. Go with cool and unique this year. 10 Super Cool and Unique Stocking Stuffer Gift Ideas: 1. Phone Camera Lens … Read more

The Brownie Recipe Ina Garten Says Is Her Most Popular Dish Ever

The Barefoot Contessa, Ina Garten, has made some incredible dishes over the years, but according to her, this brownie recipe is her most popular one yet. In fact, she claims they sell 1,000 every week. That’s a lot of brownies. Ina Garten’s Outrageous Brownie Recipe: Ingredients: 1 lb. butter, unsalted 1 lb. + 12 oz. … Read more

Chris Stapleton’s Performance of “Millionaire” Will Make You Fall In Love With His Music All Over Again

I have never claimed to know the future, but some things are simply inevitable. Tomorrow, the sun will rise. When you drop a ball next week it will fall to the ground. And in 2018, From A Room: Vol. 2 will be nominated for album of the year. Chris Stapleton will continue to dominate country … Read more

Kane Brown Takes Manhattan Performing His Latest Single, “Heaven” on “Good Morning America”

Kane Brown got up pretty early in the morning to visit the set of “Good Morning America” Wednesday morning (Dec. 6). The 24-year-old was in town to promote his latest single, “Heaven,” from his self-titled album. “Heaven” is the follow up to the lead track, “What If,” which features Lauren Alaina. The singer casually took … Read more

Jennifer Lawrence Says the Best Advice She’s Ever Received Was Actually Something Oprah Just Mumbled Under Her Breath

Jennifer Lawrence is an Oscar-winning actress, who is leading the charge for leveling the playing field for women in Hollywood, but she’s also pretty funny and down-to-earth, thanks to her Kentucky upbringing. These days, she’s as far from Kentucky as you can get, evidenced by the fact that her most recent interview in the Hollywood … Read more