Carrie Underwood Wanted Mike Fisher to Play Hockey Again and She’s Always Right, So He Is

Mike Fisher was only in retirement for a few months before the itch to get back on the ice was too hard to resist. And lucky for him– the Nashville Predators couldn’t resist either. During a press conference in Nashville, Fisher revealed a little more about what the decision to return to hockey was like, … Read more

Kellie Pickler Has a Close Encounter With Python Snake

Kellie Pickler encounters many strange animals and people as host of the daytime talk show “Pickler & Ben.” On a recent episode, Kellie got up close and personal with a seven-foot python. Animal expert Matt Wright appeared on the show with the reptile and a few other critters to share with the audience. The co-hosts … Read more

(Watch) Michelle Obama Finally Revealed What First Lady Melania Trump Gave Her Last Year

It was the gift exchange seen around the world. On President Donald Trump’s Inauguration Day, incoming First Lady Melania Trump gave outgoing First Lady Michelle Obama a Tiffany box on the steps of the White House. Obama had no idea what to do with it. She gave the camera a look. She tried to give … Read more

Brie Bella Showed Off Her Post-Baby Body and She Looks Incredible

WWE Diva and “Total Bellas” star Brie Bella gave birth to her daughter, Birdie, in May of 2017, and has openly discussed how unprepared she was for how difficult the birth ended up being. But now, she’s pretty much winning at living the #MomLife, and she has the pictures to prove it. In a promotional … Read more

(Watch) Chris Stapleton’s Acoustic Performance of “Drunkard’s Prayer” Will Leave You Wanting More

Chris Stapleton made the best use of his time while he was in New York collecting three Grammy awards—Best Country Album, Best Country Song and Best Country Solo Performance— on Sunday night (Jan. 28). The “Nobody To Blame” singer high-tailed it over to the “Late Show with Stephen Colbert” on Tuesday night (Jan. 30) to … Read more

Thomas Rhett Doesn’t Understand How His Daughter Looks Just Like Him, But Is Still “So Pretty”

Thomas Rhett’s baby daughter Ada James definitely has the Akins genes in her. Not only does she boast TR’s look, but she looks a lot like grandpa Rhett Akins, too. Which is something that has Thomas pretty confused about. In a recent Instagram photo, wife Lauren Akins wrote, “TR just goes, ‘I don’t get how … Read more

3 Paint Colors Joanna Gaines Is Obsessed With Right Now That You Should Use in Your House

Joanna Gaines is what I would consider an expert on all things home decor. From knowing exactly how to decorate a bookshelf to picking the perfect patterns for throw pillows, Joanna is pretty much a color genius– and now, Joanna has her own paint collection through her brand, Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines, and she … Read more

Texas Newspaper Runs A Long Obituary For A Local Chicken Named Big Mama

A local newspaper in College Station, TX posted a lengthy obituary and memorial for a chicken named Big Mama. Big Mama was a Rhode Island Red who The Eagle, claims as “a family chicken worthy of an obituary. Oh, Texas, never change. Big Mama was an indoor chicken from Houston who moved to the country … Read more

(Listen) Brett Young’s New Single, “Mercy,” Will Break Your Heart

If Brett Young is looking to top the charts for a fourth consecutive time, he’s got a good shot with his newest single, “Mercy.” After scoring three consecutive No. 1 singles, “Sleep Without You,” “In Case You Didn’t Know” and “Like I Loved You,” from his 2017 self-titled debut album, the California native is on … Read more

Cracker Barrel Almost Got The Respect It Deserves During This SNL Skit

To be honest, I’ve never thought you could mix up a mid-level furniture store and America’s favorite Southern restaurant. But neither am I Will Ferrell eating lunch in an office break room. So when he confuses Cracker Barrel and Crate & Barrel during an almost-too-real office story, I couldn’t help but laugh and think about … Read more

How To Make Vodka Reese’s Pudding Cup Shots

I’m all for a fun, flavorful shot, and this one might be the best one ever. It literally combines all of my favorite things into one fun shooter: Vodka, Reese’s Cups, and…well, that’s it, really! How To Make Vodka Reese’s Pudding Cup Shots: Ingredients: 2 packs instant chocolate pudding 1.5 cups milk 1/2 cup vodka … Read more