One Country Artist Spotlight Featuring Lindsay Ell (Exclusive)

Lindsay Ell is one of country music’s fastest rising female artists of 2018. With the release of her latest album, The Project, produced by Kristian Bush, Lindsay has garnered praise from fans, fellow colleagues and the country music industry alike. While her music speaks for itself, we wanted to learn more about the girl from … Read more

Kesha and Maren Morris Sang “Your Love is My Drug” Together with Vince Gill and Emmylou Harris on the BGVs (Video)

In 2010, Kesha released her hit single, “Your Love Is My Drug,” off her album, Animal. The tune is as poppy and dance-happy as one can get and its definitely not a song you’d ever think about Vince Gill listening to or singing along on, but great things happen All For The Hall happens. Kesha, … Read more

Fans Think They Figured Out the Name and Gender of Chip and Joanna’s Baby, and It Actually Makes Sense

I’m not typically one to indulge in fan theories about the personal lives of celebrities, but this theory about Chip and Joanna Gaines‘ fifth baby on the way actually makes a whole lot of sense. Chip and Joanna announced their pregnancy earlier this year and released a sonogram video, but have yet to officially disclose … Read more

Gwen Stefani Said She’s “Never Seen Anything Like” the Valentine’s Day Gift She Got From Blake Shelton

Gwen Stefani could definitely be considered one of those people that would be pretty hard to shop for because she can buy things herself and she already has a lot of nice things. But, somehow her boyfriend Blake Shelton keeps finding great things to buy her. Like, for example– Gwen said that once, Blake poured … Read more

People Are Going Crazy For The Norway Curling Team’s Fancy Uniforms

Curling has, once again, swept the nation. We all begin baffled by curling and then, after watching it for around 20 minutes, get so into the sport that we begin shouting at the tv about center guards and over-turned stones. The US had a less than stellar showing this year so American fans are picking … Read more

“Roseanne” Cast Said Returning To Set Was “Like Coming Home”

“Roseanne” is making its triumphant return to television next month but the cast has already returned to Lanford, IL. “Good Morning America” went behind the scenes with the cast and crew as they returned to the set for their first table read, which felt more like a homecoming than returning to work. “The hair was … Read more

Carrie Underwood Dreamed of Being an Olympic Figure Skater Growing Up (Like Every Little Girl in Oklahoma?)

Carrie Underwood and I grew up about 90 miles down I-40 from one another, just a few months apart in age. Because of this, I’ve always assumed we had several things in common just because of proximity and all. Obviously, Carrie has the voice of an actual angel and seven GRAMMYs, so our paths ended … Read more

Kane Brown’s Dog, Rambo, Steals Spotlight During Romantic Duet

A dog is a man’s best friend, right? So, it stands to reason that Kane Brown’s dog, Rambo, wanted some time with his best friend this Valentine’s Day. While Kane and his fiancée, Katelyn Jae, were in the middle of a romantic duet, Rambo decided to make an appearance, for fear of being left out. … Read more

Kelly, Alicia, Blake and Adam Each Shared What Makes Them the Best Coach on “The Voice” and They Have Some Valid Arguments

In case you missed it, Miley Cyrus and Jennifer Hudson are out as coaches for season 14 of “The Voice,” and Kelly Clarkson and Alicia Keys are taking their places. Of course, Blake Shelton and Adam Levine will be there, making for what might be the best season of “The Voice” to date. NBC has … Read more

(Video) Dierks Bentley Went Through Every Emotion in the World Shaving Off His Mustache

Throughout his long and successful career, Dierks Bentley has rocked many hairstyles on his head and face– most recently, he went full-bearded hottie while working on his upcoming album, The Mountain. Not long after making all the official announcements for the album release and accompanying tour, Dierks ditched the beard and went down to just … Read more