Kelly Clarkson Wooed Jackie Foster To #TeamKelly After Her Blind Audition on “The Voice”

Jackie Foster is a classically trained musician with a powerhouse voice. For Foster’s blind audition on season 14 of “The Voice,” she chose Pink’s recent hit, “What About Us” and honestly, she sounded a little like Kelly Clarkson covering Pink, which is likely why Clarkson turned around before any other coach. Coach Alicia Keys turned … Read more

9 Times Alan Jackson Was Way Ahead of the Fashion Game

A couple of weeks ago, GQ Style rounded up 15 of Nashville’s finest musicians for a photoshoot they called “The Sultans of Twang.” The article featured actual country music artists and no current Top 40 artists, unless you count Chris Stapleton, because honestly, he barely charts.

One of the artists they featured was Alan Jackson, who wore his own clothes for the shoot. He looked incredible and it kind of got me thinking that he’s always been a bit of ahead of the fashion curve. Alan has never been afraid to think outside the traditional country box, throw some flare on it or stick with a staple item.

9 Times Alan Jackson Was Way Ahead of the Fashion Game:

1. Early on, Jackson started wearing cool jackets that cut off at the waist. The shorter jacket showed off just how tall Jackson was (is) and always added a little more to his get-up.

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