Reba McEntire Hints at a “Reba” Reboot in New Photo With Melissa Peterman and Christopher Rich

While it seems like nearly every show from the past is making a comeback these days (we’re looking at you, “Roseanne“), this potential reboot is one we could get behind. Reba McEntire (who seems to be living her absolute best life these days) posted a photo on Instagram with her old “Reba” co-stars Melissa Peterman … Read more

Kane Brown Sets Guinness World Record

Kane Brown with Guinness World record plaque

Kane Brown can call himself a record breaker. The Georgia native recently found himself in the Guinness Book of World Records for his chart-topping music. The 24-year-old received the honor for being the first act to top five U.S. country charts simultaneously. He accomplished this feat with Kane Brown Deluxe Edition reaching the top spot … Read more

Ronda Rousey Is Learning To Live Off The Land On Her “Test Farm”

Homesteading, the practice of living off the land, is growing in popularity. People want to be self-suffecient– growing their own plants, keeping chickens for eggs, or a small beehive. Even people in dense urban areas are trying to reconnect with the land by starting rooftop gardens. So, when a celebrity says they are “starting a farm” … Read more

Jordan Kirkdorffer Lands Spot on #TeamBlake With Performance of Brett Young’s “In Case You Didn’t Know”

Any time a solid country artist takes the stage during blind auditions on “The Voice,” it’s pretty much a given that Blake Shelton is likely to turn his char– which is exactly what he did for 27-year-old Jordan Kirkdorffer from Nashville, Tennessee. Jordan chose to sing Brett Young’s “In Case You Didn’t Know,” and while … Read more

Luke Bryan Questioned One “American Idol” Contestant’s Country Creds

You can’t fake country. You either are or you aren’t. Luckily, “American Idol” has Luke Bryan, the man who knows what makes someone country. When youngster Laine Hardy claimed the name of country-boy before his audition, Bryan started asking questions. They would sound like nonsense to city folk but were just funny to anyone from … Read more

Kelsea Ballerini Did a Ballet Routine to Her New Single, “I Hate Love Songs,” and We Give Her a 10/10

As if I needed more reason to love Kelsea Ballerini, she just released her new single, “I Hate Love Songs,” and to celebrate the fact that it was hitting radio, she did a ballet routine. Naturally. Kelsea prefaced the performance by saying she’s “about as coordinated as a potato,” which is honestly hilarious and maybe … Read more

17-Year-Old Livia Faith Wows “The Voice” Coaches With Unique Performance of “Dream a Little Dream of Me”

Livia Faith

“The Voice” has been off to a great start so far, and with blind auditions coming to a close, the coaches are being more and more picky about which artists they turn their chairs for. 17-year-old Kentucky native Livia Faith took the stage to sing her own arrangement of The Mamas and Papas’ “Dream a … Read more

Nicole Kidman Looks Really, Really Different on the Set of “The Goldfinch”

Nicole Kidman is no stranger to changing up her look for a role, but that doesn’t make it any less shocking to fans. Kidman is currently in New York City filming “The Goldfinch” and the Oscar-winning actress is certainly looking the part of Mrs. Barbour, the mother who also takes in the main character after … Read more

Maren Morris and Ryan Hurd Got a New Puppy From Jon Pardi’s Mom and We Want One Too

As Maren Morris and Ryan Hurd get closer and closer to their wedding, their already expanding their family– no, not like that, with a puppy! The new little guy, Pancakes, joins big sister June at home. June is a white German Shepherd, so these two make quite the pair. In a really cool twist, Maren and … Read more

“American Idol” Contestant Asked the Judges to Dance With Her and All Hell Broke Loose

Michelle Sussett knows that “American Idol” auditions only come around once in a lifetime, so she didn’t hold back one ounce of would-be entertainment when it was her time to shine. Sussett, who moved to Miami 3 years ago from Venezuela, sang Selena’s “Techno Cumbia,” but doing about 30 seconds of the tune, she turned on … Read more

Katy Perry Got Weird With Trevor Holmes During “American Idol” Audition

trevor holmes american idol

The second Trevor Holmes walked onto the set of “American Idol,” he became Katy Perry‘s one true love and maybe Luke Bryan’s too, as Luke was the first to exclaim, “good Lord, you’re a dream boat.” But, it was Katy that got pretty weird, pretty fast. After Trevor revealed that he wants to be a … Read more

Kelly Clarkson Sang Alicia Keys to Win Over Hannah Goebel on “The Voice” (And It Worked)

The Block is alive and well on “The Voice” and unfortunately, the dream Hannah Goebel had of working with the talented and surreal Alicia Keys is not. As Goebel launched into Keys’ own “If I Ain’t Got You,” Keys was visibly giddy, as were the three other coaches.   via GIPHY via GIPHY   After waiting … Read more