Dan+Shay Share Behind-The-Scenes Video for the Making of “Tequila”

Dan Shay BTS Tequila video

Dan + Shay are tearing down the curtain to give fans a behind-the-scenes look at their latest video for “Tequila.” The video, which reached 5 millions views, was conceptualized by Dan Smyers and director Patrick Tracy. A hearing impaired man meets a woman in the Colorado mountains and a relationship ensues. “The idea was to … Read more

Trace Adkins and Blake Shelton Singing “The A–hole Song” Will make You Laugh Out Loud

Trace Adkins chatting with Blake Shelton

Blake Shelton may be known for his sarcastic sense of humor, but Trace Adkins is one artist that can give it right back. As Blake’s Country Music Freaks Tour wrapped up in Philadelphia on March 17, Trace and Blake went out with a bang. Trace joined his friend on stage for a good ole rendition … Read more

Brittany Aldean’s 93-Year-Old Grandmother is the Cutest and We Can’t Stop Watching This Video of Her

Brittany Aldean might be the mother of a newborn, gearing up to head out on tour with her country music superstar husband Jason Aldean, but she still has time to visit her grandmother and share sweet videos. Brittany took a quick break from posting super photos of son Memphis on Instagram to share a video … Read more

Carrie Underwood Used to Give Her Phone Number to “American Idol” Contestants, But No One Ever Called Her

As winners of “American Idol,” it’s kind of a toss-up between Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson for the most successful career post Idol. But, then you throw in contestants that didn’t even win like Jennifer Hudson and Adam Lambert and the competition gets even fiercer. No matter who you consider to be the most successful … Read more

Miranda Lambert’s Suprise Performance of “Elvira” With the Oak Ridge Boys is a Must-See

Miranda Lambert is known for performing classic country music every chance she gets, but fans got a real surprise when she started covering “Elvira” during a recent show in Newark. As Lambert and her band began to play a slow, juicy cover of the country classic she stopped and said, “you know what would be … Read more

Cam and Smokey Robinson Singing “I Second That Emotion” Will Give Your Day The Jump Start it Needs

Cam singing with Smokey Robinson for CMT Crossroads

It was a dream come true for Cam, when she teamed up with the legendary Smokey Robinson for an episode of CMT Crossroads. The two joined forces singing each others hits, including Cam’s “Burning House” and current single “Diane,” as well as Smokey’s “Tears of a Clown” and “I Second That Emotion.” “Pinching myself right … Read more

10 Country Artists Show Off Their Precious Pets

Stars and their pets

They say a dog is man’s best friend. A dog is also a country artist’s best friend. Singers like Carrie Underwood , Miranda Lambert and Jason Aldean love their pets and aren’t afraid to show it. Not only do they take their pets on the road, a few have even given their furry friends their … Read more

Little Big Town’s Reimagined Version of Elton John’s “Rocket Man” is Hypnotically Ethereal

If you’ve wondered why Little Big Town has been opening their Breakers Tour with a cover of Elton John’s “Rocket Man,” wonder no more. The country supergroup was tapped to reimagine and restore the legendary tune for the album, Restoration, which pairs a number of Elton John classics with current stars’ take on them. Little Big … Read more

9 Time Travel Videos from Tracy Lawrence That Should Be Watched and Celebrated in Order

In the 1990s, Tracy Lawrence was at the top of his game and the top of the country music charts pretty regularly. One of the things that made Lawrence so special (besides his lyrics and perfect twang) was his series of time travel videos that were just cheesy as hell and pretty perfect. Years later … Read more

Blake Shelton’s “The Voice” Beats Out Luke Bryan’s “American Idol” in the Ratings

Luke Bryan and Blake Shelton interview for American Idol

In the battle of the country superstars competition, it looks like Blake Shelton takes home the win over Luke Bryan. With two weeks under their belt, Blake Shelton’s “The Voice” has beaten Luke Bryan’s “American Idol” in the ratings war. The shows face off head-to-head on Monday nights giving viewers a music competition battle. According … Read more

Kristen Bell Just Can’t Get The Anal Worms Out of Her Life

If you don’t follow Kristen Bell on Instagram, you probably don’t know about her recent adventures with a bunch of stray kittens or her family’s deep dive into– anal worms. Basically, one of Kristen’s daughters got the worms at school and maybe Kristen got them too. She accidentally revealed this information on “The Joel McHale … Read more

John Cena Warns Nikki Bella About His Nude Scenes in Movies Because One Time He Didn’t and It Was Bad

John Cena isn’t just a worldwide superstar because of WWE, he has also become quite the comedic actor in recent years. Cena had a big role in “Trainwreck” a few years ago and so did his… butt. Cena’s body also gets some prime screentime in the new movie, “Blockers,” which has led to some very … Read more