This Video of Reba Warming Up For a Show With “Fancy” Is Exactly Why We Love Her

Reba McEntire is one of my (and everyone else’s) favorite ladies in country music, and it’s easy to see why. From her show “Reba” (which could maybe make a comeback, by the way) to her fan-favorite music, Reba is pretty much a queen, and if you disagree, you’re wrong. But, I digress. Before a recent … Read more

“Singles You Up” Artist Jordan Davis Says He’s ‘Fixin’ People Up All Over The Country,’ and We Love It

If you’ve turned on country radio at all in the last couple of months, odds are that you’ve heard Jordan Davis’ “Singles You Up.” I personally love the song and find it super catchy– and apparently, the rest of the country does, too as “Singles You Up” is currently sitting at no. 5 on the Country … Read more

Jason Aldean Is Staying Out Of The Gun Control Debate: ‘What The Hell Do I Know?’

Jason Aldean was onstage when a shooter began spraying shots into the crowd during the Route 91 Harvest Festival. He called out terrorists, domestic and otherwise when he returned to the stage in Tulsa. But now, with the debate over gun control in front and center, he doesn’t want to comment. “I’m not a politician,” … Read more

HGTV’s Ben and Erin Napier Announced They’re Releasing a Book and We Can’t Wait

HGTV’s “Home Town” hosts Ben and Erin Napier have had their hands full lately with their newborn, Helen, and with filming their show. Now, they’re checking another big feat off of their list, and we can hardly wait for it. “After all this hard work, I can finally show you our book that’s coming out … Read more

This Fifth Grade Choir’s Cover Of Carrie Underwood’s “Champion” Will Give You Chills

There aren’t many songs more inspiring than Carrie Underwood’s “Champion.” The song, which features Ludacris, is an upbeat, powerful song. The kind of thing you play to get hyped up for a workout. A group of her young fans from Public School 22 in Staten Island, New York took the song to the next level, … Read more

“This Is Us” Star Chrissy Metz Says She Used To Be Just Like Kate Pearson: “My Body Is Not My Identity”

With a break from filming “This Is Us,” the cast and crew have each been off doing their own things for a bit. Mandy Moore is hiking Mount Kilimanjaro (casual), and Chrissy Metz is currently on tour for her new book, “This Is Me.” In her book, Chrissy talks about her body and weight, something … Read more

“Roseanne” Isn’t For The Right Or Left, It’s For Everyone

The new season of “Roseanne” aired last night to mixed reviews. But the reviews weren’t very concerned with the jokes, callbacks, or character development– they only cared about the politics of the show. Roseanne Barr, the lead actress and unapologetic Trump supporter, at one point, thanked the Lord for “making America great again.” That, predictably, … Read more

Maren Morris Sends Message to #TeamBlake’s Dallas Caroline and Spensha Baker After Performance of “I Could Use a Love Song”

I go back and forth on how I feel about the battle rounds on “The Voice.” Part of me loves them and the other part of me thinks they’re a little unfair. Your coach pairs you up with another member of your team and selects your song choice for you– most of the time, it’s … Read more

Steven Spielberg Won’t Let Carl’s Jr. Serve “Spielburgers,” Is No Fun

Steven Spielberg has been thanked more than God in Academy Award speeches. He basically created the childhood of kids in the 80’s and 90’s. He stands apart from all other directors alongside people who are known by just one name like Lebron or Beyonce. Carl’s Jr. wanted to harness that power by renaming their Charbroiled … Read more

Kelly Clarkson Responds After Former “Voice” Team Member Molly Stevens Calls Her ‘Small Minded’

As the newest coach on “The Voice,” Kelly Clarkson has still been learning the ropes but is already a fan-favorite. Just like all of the coaches do, Kelly Clarkson has had to send a few people home already, something that she shows visible signs of distress over throughout the show. During the battle rounds, Kelly paired up … Read more

The Gator-Snap Gender Reveal Is The Most Redneck Precious Moment Of All Time

It seems that you cannot have a baby today a gender reveal party. I’ve heard that babies will actually refuse to be born without a creative gender reveal. “Oh, you just opened an envelope and told your friends my gender? Yeah right, mom. I’m staying in.” Quite frankly, it all has gone too far. I’m not sure … Read more

Chip and Joanna Revealed the Magnolia Table Restaurant to Their Kids on “Fixer Upper” and It Was Adorable

Chip and Joanna

Well y’all– the time has come. There’s officially just one episode left of HGTV’s “Fixer Upper,” and we can hardly believe how fast this final season has gone by. In the second to last episode, Chip and Joanna gave a behind-the-scenes look at the making of their now-open breakfast restaurant, Magnolia Table. The building they … Read more