Reba McEntire Will Steer Clear of Politics During 2018 ACM Award Show

Reba McEntire ACM Host

The Golden Globes, the Oscars and the Grammy Awards all chose to put politics front and center during their individual nights. Not so for the upcoming ACM Awards, airing on Sunday, April 15. Host Reba McEntire, who is returning for a 16th year, is opting not to broach the subject. “This year the idea is … Read more

Chris Janson Nabs Coveted Closing Show Performance Slot At ACM Awards

Chris Janson performing

The Academy of Country Music has selected Chris Janson to be the closing performer at the 53rd Annual ACM Awards on Sunday, April 15. The Missouri natives electric live performances have caught the eye of the Academy, honoring him with the coveted spot. Chris will bring his uptempo crowd-rocking song  “Redneck Life”—from his latest album, Everybody—to the … Read more

Weatherman Loses His Mind When Co-Anchors Complain About The Weather

There is nothing worse than being questioned for just doing your job. Garry Frank, a weatherman out of Grand Rapids, Michigan’s FOX 17 WXMI, knew that far too well. He was constantly questioned for his weather reports no matter how good or bad the weather was. So when he forecasted a sunny 60-degree day, he hoped … Read more

14 Names Khloe Kardashian Could Be Naming Her Baby Girl

This is likely an unpopular opinion but, I kind of like the Kardashian-Jenner clan. I mean, how can you not admire a family that just went to work pulling up their bootstraps and walking away with a gold-plated empire. Anyway, one of the kweens of the Kar-Jenner clan added another crown to the jewels with … Read more

Lauren Akins Shared the Best Lessons She Learned From Her Mom and It’s So Sweet

Growing up, I was fortunate enough to have a strong relationship with both of my parents, and it has only gotten stronger as I’ve gotten older– especially with mom. Now that I’m a wife and will eventually be a mom, there are so many things I can now see about my mom that I admire and … Read more

Sugarland Reveals Info About New Album, “Bigger,” And It Includes Taylor Swift

Sugarland publicity photo on website

After a 5-year hiatus, Sugarland has reunited to release their sixth studio album, “Bigger,” their first new music in eight years. “We have always enjoyed playing in the margins and stretching the format,” said Jennifer. “But it’s fun to have taken this time away and seen how the format has expanded and how music has … Read more

Giada De Laurentiis Didn’t Talk to Bobby Flay for 8 Months Once Because She Thought He Was a Jerk

As Food Network personalities go, Giada De Laurentiis isn’t on the top of my favorites list, so to hear her say she went 8 months without talking to chef Bobby Flay once because she was mad at him was not all that shocking. Giada revealed on the podcast, Beyond the Plate that in 2006 after … Read more

This is the Most Revealing Kelly Clarkson Interview Ever

Kelly Clarkson has become one of my favorite celebrities over the last few years for very specific reasons– she clapbacks on Twitter, she’s not pretentious and she isn’t afraid to say exactly what she’s thinking. Most recently, Kelly sat down with “The Voice” to answer a few questions and of course, a couple of answers really … Read more

Reba Almost Passed Out After Watching Her Son Race at Daytona And We Can’t Blame Her

Reba on the rachel ray show

As Reba is making the rounds to promote her hosting gig on the upcoming ACM Awards, she made an appearance on “The Rachel Ray Show” for a chat. The two ladies got to talking about everything from her barrel racing days, the award show and her son, Shelby’s, race car driving career. Reba shared how … Read more

11 Flawless Looks From Carrie Underwood on the Red Carpet at the ACM Awards

Since winning “American Idol” in 2005, Carrie Underwood has won a slew of awards, but the ACM Awards have been incredibly kind to the superstar. In 2010, Underwood became the first female to ever win Entertainer of the Year twice and she has received the coveted Triple Crown award. In 2014, she won the Gene Weed … Read more

Heinz Just Released “Mayochup” And People Are Upset For The Strangest Reason

Heinz is a family company built on traditional condiments. Ketchup. Mustard. Mayonaisse. It’s a simple business that they have decided to make more complicated earlier this week. The company is releasing “Mayochup”, a combination of mayo and ketchup that results in a creamy beige tomato sauce. The Internet has gotten up in arms (shocker), but for an odd … Read more