Brad Paisley’s New Side Hustle is One of the Best Things We’ve Heard

Brad Paisley starts new band lonesome distancers with neighbors

When it comes to all-around great entertainers, Brad Paisley has proven he more than fits the bill, even under quarantine. Brad was one of the first to have safely socially distanced guests on his livestream performances, he has juggled fishing lures, colored wife Kimberly’s hair, crashed Zoom parties, and released a new song, “No I … Read more

Reba and Barbara Jean Reunite To Make Social Distancing Fun

Reba and Barbara Jean reunite for social distancing

No one said that sheltering at home while teaching your children and keeping up with your own job, that has now become remote, would be easy. Nobody said it would be fun, either. But thanks to Reba and her pal, Melissa Peterman, a/k/a “Barbara Jean,” parents can have a quick giggle and a shoulder full … Read more

Richard Gere Is a Daddy Again…at 70 Years Old!

Richard Gere and wife Alexandra welcome second child

Richard Gere has long been known as a pro within his acting craft. But at the age of seventy years old, that’s not the only thing he seems mighty good at. Heck, the Pretty Woman actor is a daddy again! According to People magazine, Gere and his 37-year-old wife Alejandra welcomed their second child—a boy— … Read more

Dallas Cowboys Quarterback Dak Prescott’s Brother Is Dead at 31 Years Old

Dak Prescott mounrs the death of brother Jace Prescott

As if the world needed sadder news, now comes word that Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott is mourning the loss of his brother. Jace Prescott was just 31 years old. “It is with great sadness and support that we share the news of the passing of Jace Prescott today,” the Cowboys said in a statement. … Read more

Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler Announce Divorce After 10 Years Together

Jay Cutler and Kristin Cavallari announce divorce

No one saw this one coming. Very Cavallari star Kristin Cavallari announced that she and husband, former Chicago Bears quarterback, Jay Cutler are getting a divorce. In a post on Instagram, Kristin shared the news alongside a photo of her and Jay walking away. [RELATED: Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler Navigate Through Marriage Troubles] “With … Read more