Jennifer Hudson Shines As Aretha Franklin in New Trailer For “Respect”

Jennifer Hudson stars in trailer for Aretha Franklin film Respect

As Jennifer Hudson prepares to be seen in the iconic role of Aretha Franklin in the movie Respect, the new trailer has been released and it looks like we won’t be disappointed. The trailer kicks off with a montage of images from Aretha’s life and Jennifer belts our her iconic song  and title of the … Read more

Reese Witherspoon Gets Mistaken For Carrie Underwood and She Couldn’t Be Happier

Reese WItherspoon mistaken for Carrie Underwood

In a case of mistaken identity, actress Reese Witherspoon had a moment where she was not recognized for the tons of movies she’s acted in, but for being another talented blonde celebrity, Carrie Underwood. The actress posted a message to the fan on social media, explaining that being asked if she was Carrie Underwood had … Read more

Chase Rice Responds to Concert Backlash— “I Understand That There’s A Lot of Varying Opinions”

Chase rice responds to concert backlash

After receiving backlash on line for holding a concert in East Tennessee on Saturday night (June 27) that had many fans ignoring pandemic rules by not social distancing and not wearing masks, Chase Rice is responding with his own statement about the evening. He posted a video message on Instagram, with the caption, “To the … Read more