15 Reasons We Love “Fixer Upper” Star Joanna Gaines

There’s a popular meme circulating right now that says, “In a world of Kardashians, Be a Joanna Gaines.” Now, while we don’t know the “Fixer Upper” star Joanna Gaines personally, people love her for completely wholesome reasons. She’s talented, she helps people, she’s a family girl, and she loves her husband — just to name … Read more

10 Indoor Plants You Couldn’t Kill If You Tried

For decades, interior decorators have insisted that a splash of green in each room effortlessly transforms the space. And to be honest, the thought of investing in a plant seems a bit more feasible than buying new furniture and rearranging the old. But if you’re anything like me, plants are a sensitive subject– sensitive in … Read more

10 Nail Trends That Will Have You and Your Style Springtime Ready

Spring is upon us and rather than going out and buying an entire new wardrobe, make a splash this season with any of these popular new nail trends. You’ll notice that this spring, a little splash color can go a long way. 10 Spring Nail Trends: 1. Cobalt Blue Blue Nails ?? stupendeeee @debodebby #BlueNails#VeronicaGraf#newcolor … Read more

The Brussel Sprout Recipe that will Change Your Life for the Better (and Healthier)

Over the years, brussel sprouts have gotten a bad rap. As a child, they were used as a punishment tactic: “Clean your room or else you eating brussel sprouts for dinner, young lady!” I spent the majority of my adolescence avoiding them at all cost. In fact, I wouldn’t even going near the little green … Read more

All-Star Lineup Does Hilarious Dramatic Reading of Justin Bieber’s “Sorry”

Justin Bieber has been winning over his haters since the November release of his new album Purpose. In the past three-ish months, many people have reported being newly converted “Beliebers,” but while the majority of the country is still singing and dancing to Bieber’s hit “Sorry”, there are a few who still are not on … Read more

A Discussion on Coldplay’s Excessive Use of Flowers During the Super Bowl Halftime Performance

Yes, the 2016 Super Bowl halftime performance was one for the books — and for positive reasons this time. This year, the power stayed on the entire time and everyone’s clothes stayed on, too — win, win — and while we love the Left Shark’s dance discrepancies last year, everyone was in sync this time. Praises. … Read more

Australia Native Kayla Itsines Is Taking Over the Fitness World

If you haven’t heard of Kayla Itsines, or her Bikini Body Guide (BBG), we are forced to ask if you’ve been living under a rock. The Aussie fitness goddess has created a 12-week workout program that is sweeping the world — literally, it’s printed in five different languages. Her objective is simple: provide a way … Read more