6 Rules for Displaying the American Flag This 4th of July

Since the tragedy of 9/11, a resurgence of patriotism has abounded in our great country. In fact, in 2015, the United States of America will buy close to 100 million flags. Now, that’s a lot of Stars and Stripes. I love driving through neighborhoods and seeing Old Glory flapping in the breeze. So, what are … Read more

The Best Golfers in Country Music

It’s tee time! That means one thing– Masters Week(end) in Augusta, Georgia. You can make a safe bet that more than a few country music singers and musicians will be tuning in to all the action. Why you may ask?  Because there are some country singers who just can’t get enough of chasing that little white ball around … Read more

3 Country Pie Recipes (Inspired by Bob Dylan’s “Country Pie”)

The English language is packed full of double entendres. Word geeks like me can take the most simple of phrases and twist it and turn it into something totally off from what the writer intended. We can’t help ourselves. However, there are times like in the ole inductive reasoning expression, “If it looks like a duck, … Read more

Savannah, Georgia: The South’s Hollywood

Hollywood, California, might have the big Hollywood sign up in lights and all those film studios, but that doesn’t give it exclusive rights when making movies. In fact, Savannah, Georgia, has had its fair share of movie magic. Three of these movies have even scored Oscars! Here are just a few. “Midnight in the Garden … Read more