Danielle Bradbery’s New Album ‘I Don’t Believe We’ve Met’ Due Out December 1

The long awaited LP from 2013 “The Voice” winner Danielle Bradbery is set to release on December 1. This will be the first time Bradbery has been this involved in the writing process– with her focus now set on telling her own stories through song. “I am more than ready to re-introduce myself with music … Read more

Justin Timberlake Reluctantly Held This Baby At A Golf Tournament

A dad, who clearly does not respect golf course etiquette, was begging celebrities to hold his baby. Why he really wants a celebrity to hold his baby for him, I have no idea. After pestering several celebs, Justin Timberlake finally answered the call. Also, a fair warning: there is cringe-inducing attempt at a handshake, but … Read more

Ashley McBryde’s “A Little Dive Bar in Dahlonega” is So Good It Hurts

Arkansas native Ashley McBryde has released a video for her newest single, “A Little Dive Bar in Dahlonega.” The song is a tender ballad about having a bad day and turning it into a good night. Although the singer initially hails from Arkansas, the video is set in Watertown, Tennessee, a place near Nashville that … Read more

Kip Moore Reveals Cover For Upcoming Album ‘Slowheart’

Kip Moore is getting closer to releasing his much-anticipated third studio record this September. Slowheart’‘s title was inspired by Moore’s former guitarist description of him, someone who doesn’t rush into relationships. “My former guitar player called me a ‘slowheart’ many years ago, claiming I don’t just jump the gun and show all my cards or … Read more

This Guy Ate a Pepper Every Time Ariana Grande Said “Um” During a 90-Second Video

Everyone has to take a stand. Some people take political stands, and try improve the lives of large groups of people. Other people choose to take a stand against the amount of times a pop star says “um” in an acceptance speech. Why? Who knows. But for some mysterious reason, it’s this kid’s cross to … Read more

Michael Phelps is Going to Race a Shark and He Says He Wanted to Do It Without a Cage

My favorite new sub-genre in American pop culture is the Who Is Better, The Person Who Is Clearly The Best Or Someone Else? competitions. Who is more equipped to be the President, a former elected official or the guy from NBC’s “The Apprentice?” Who is better at boxing, an all-time great, or a guy that … Read more

CDC Says Deer Are the Deadliest Animals in America, So Watch Out

Humans have lived inside for thousands of years. This isn’t by accident of course. As a means to protect ourselves from Mother Nature, be it weather or beast, we literally invented inside. And we have spent the last few thousand years making inside pretty great. Air conditioning, insulation, windows, WiFi, Amazon Echos, and refrigerators have … Read more

Blake Shelton’s Animated Video “Doing It To Country Songs” is Here and Everything You Hoped It Would Be

Blake Shelton has released an animated music video to accompany his If I’m Honest track “Doing It To Country Songs.” The track, which features the Oak Ridge Boys, features many-a-critter singing, dancing, and otherwise enjoying Blake Shelton. It’s also chock-full of innuendo, a common trope in both animated films and country music. Shelton is portrayed … Read more

Keith Urban Wants To Hear Your Best Keith Urban Covers (and So Do We)

A new talent competition series is launching this fall on YouTube.com. The show, called “Best.Cover.Ever.” is going to be hosted by Ludacris, and features fans submitting their unique covers of their artists’ biggest songs. Keith Urban is going to be one of the featured artists (in addition to Katy Perry, Demi Lovato, Backstreet Boys, and … Read more

Brian Kelley Couldn’t Be More Excited For Tyler Hubbard’s Baby

It’s not a secret that the boys of Florida Georgia Line are great with kids. Heck one of them lives in a treehouse, which is every kid’s dream. But it gets even sweeter, because Tyler Hubbard and his wife Hayley are expecting a son at the end of December. View this post on Instagram Favorite … Read more

McDonald’s Explained Why Their Burgers Look Different In The Commercials

Almost everyone I know in a moment of desperation has had to go through the experience of getting fast food. You never have high hopes for the quality, but all too often, we are still disappointed to open the bag to see something that only vaguely resembles food. I’ve had Big Macs that looked like … Read more