Exclusive Premiere: Mary Sarah Smolders on Brand New “Without You”

Mary Sarah might not have won “The Voice” last year (because we can’t have nice things)– but don’t worry about her, she’s just fine. At least, that’s what she confidently admits in her new song “Without You,” a mid-tempo, classic-swinging break-up song which frames her twang front-and-center. One Country is honored to get our hands … Read more

Why Runaway June Is Important To Country Music

The talent of three women on nothing but three chords and the truth is a powerful thing. Tightened around a neo-traditional arrangement and flickering references to John Wayne and Jesse James, “Wild West” is one of 2017’s best singles. Runaway June, as they’re called, made up of Naomi Cook, Hannah Mulholland and John Wayne’s granddaughter … Read more

5 Veteran Country Music Acts That Need To Make A Comeback

Following comebacks from Garth Brooks and Shania Twain; two of pop-country’s biggest stars of the 1990s, we got to thinking about other veteran acts we would love to see return to form. Whether they were pivotal figures of the neo-traditionalist movement or collected only a few major hits, One Country takes a look at the … Read more

10 Greatest Male Country Singers Of All-Time

To follow-up our list of the 10 Greatest Female Singers of All-Time last fall, we’ve compiled the male-equivalent. Spanning decades of trailblazing, the men have cried tears into their beers and, generally, been shaken up by heartbreak, jail time and other acts of mayhem. Women might run the world, but without foolish boys shattering hearts, … Read more

5 Country Albums Perfect for Summer

With the summer months, comes beach-y rendezvous and road trips across the nation. If you’re lucky, you can get lost on the open road, with the radio or mixtape blasting in the sweltering breeze. This year has already proven to be a great year in music and country has been especially strong. From mainstream acts … Read more

10 Best Live Performances from Chris Stapleton

There are few voices as enthralling and well-worn as Chris Stapleton’s. Following his tenure as frontman of the SteelDrivers and writing hits for others, he has carved out his own unique path to greatness. He let’s the music do the talking, without much other fuss or smoke and mirrors. We all know the story: it … Read more

Album Review: Rascal Flatts Reminisce About the Past on ‘Back to Us’

Somewhere along the way, Rascal Flatts veered so far off the path, they lost themselves. Their blend of pop and country has always landed on the saccharine bend, supported with such hits as “Bless the Broken Road” and “What Hurts the Most,” two of country music’s greatest ballads of all time. But as the industry … Read more

10 Best Deep Cuts From Brad Paisley

Brad Paisley has an uncanny way of clipping thoughtful, often witty, commentary out of society and dropping it into his songwriting. Roger Miller and John Prine are obvious influences, but he has expanded themes of the American Heartland, such as the working class, religion and social stereotypes, to reach a new generation. Through numerous studio … Read more

Album Review: Zac Brown Band Returns to Their Roots with ‘Welcome Home’

Regardless where we go in life, our roots ground us, inspire us to stay true to who we once were and propel us to forge ahead a future as bright and jarringly-comfortable as when we were kids. We can still change with the passing of the seasons and wish we hadn’t– but that’s the nature … Read more

Album Review: Brad Paisley Hits Big and Misses with ‘Love and War’

In the aftermath of the well-intended, but poorly-executed, “Accidental Racist,” from 2013’s Wheelhouse, Brad Paisley became accidentally gun shy. The album stands among his most musically-ambitious, lyrically-dynamic records–but the backlash of that one track sent him into a tailspin. With the follow-up, 2014’s Moonshine in the Trunk, it quickly became apparent he was afraid of … Read more

10 Best Songs From Alison Krauss

There is no voice who can shatter mountains and make you weep in the same verse as Alison Krauss’. Between her solo work (including her exquisite covers album Windy City) and collaboration with Union Station, she has tremendously shifted the country landscape, as well as that of bluegrass, through the years. Her voice is unmistakable … Read more

10 Best Songs From Little Big Town

Since they released their self-titled debut album in 2002, Little Big Town has continued to hit their stride time and time again. When you think they’ve earned their last big hit, they come back even stronger. From The Road to Here in 2005 to 2012’s defining Tornado and their most recent record, 2017’s The Breaker, … Read more