6 Ghostly Desserts So Sweet They’ll Spook You

Halloween brings out the sweet tooth in just about everyone. I am no exception, and I have been guilty of dipping into the kids’ trick or treat stash on occasion. More tempting than candy, though, are these delectable ghostly desserts. Better yet, they’re so easy to make, it’s scary! Check them out. 1. Strawberry Ghosts … Read more

These Sausage Balls Are Perfect For Tailgating

Finger foods make tailgating simple and easy from eating to clean up. Make these tasty sausage balls ahead of time and watch your wait for the compliments to roll in. These little appetizers go great with some veggies and cool ranch dip, and of course, an ice cold beer. Check them out. Ingredients: 2 lbs. … Read more

8 Great Things About Your Kids Being in Middle School

The middle school years often get a bad rap. I am probably biased because I taught sixth grade and really enjoy this age group, but there are plenty of pretty darn cool aspects to this stage of childhood. Sure adolescents can be moody, but so can 2-year-olds. At least the adolescents can handle all their … Read more

5 Life Lessons From Kelly Clarkson

As a fellow Fort Worth girl, I was rooting for Kelly Clarkson the whole way through that first season of “American Idol.” After she won, the then 21-year-old artist went on to launch an amazingly successful singing career — and I’ve been following it since the beginning. Her powerful songs often touch on strength, independence … Read more

5 Beautiful Flowers Perfect for Your Bridal Bouquet

Every bride wants to carry a stunning bouquet as she walks down the aisle. Roses represent the most recognized wedding flower and most common bouquet flower choice. No one can argue their beauty and timelessness. Yet nature offers a huge variety of other blooms that can work beautifully on their own, or mixed with the … Read more