Olympic Superstar Chloe Kim Got A Big Surprise From Jimmy Fallon And We Could Not Love Her More

Jimmy Fallon is the greatest person to break great news. His super-friend level care for his guests makes him ideal. Just imagine finding our some of the biggest news of your life while Jimmy Fallon says, “We love you! You’re awesome! America loves you!” It would be pretty amazing. Chloe Kim, the snowboarding gold medalist … Read more

Ellen’s Interview With Diane Keaton Went Off The Rails After She Started Talking About Her Celebrity Crush

Diane Keaton has always been an interesting woman, to say the least. So it was no surprise when her interview with Ellen Degeneres went into unexpected territory. Unlike some of her former interviews, there was no wine involved. Keaton, who is normally very stylish looked like she just stepped out of an SNL spoof of … Read more

Seth Meyers Started Interviewing His Brother And Ended Up Day-Drinking With His Dad

“Mimosas aren’t alcohol,” Seth Meyers suggested as the interview went completely off the rails. What started as a normal interview with his brother in the studio had ended up in a very normal sibling rivalry over video games, beer, and funny hats. I’ve never related to a celebrity more. Brothers making fun of each other … Read more

People Are Going Crazy For The Norway Curling Team’s Fancy Uniforms

Curling has, once again, swept the nation. We all begin baffled by curling and then, after watching it for around 20 minutes, get so into the sport that we begin shouting at the tv about center guards and over-turned stones. The US had a less than stellar showing this year so American fans are picking … Read more

“Roseanne” Cast Said Returning To Set Was “Like Coming Home”

“Roseanne” is making its triumphant return to television next month but the cast has already returned to Lanford, IL. “Good Morning America” went behind the scenes with the cast and crew as they returned to the set for their first table read, which felt more like a homecoming than returning to work. “The hair was … Read more

Kristen Bell Shared Her Handwritten Keys to a Happy, Healthy Marriage With Fans and She’s Spot-On

Marriage is tough, but you don’t have to figure it out on your own. Sure, you could go to one of the hundreds of thousands of books on Amazon, any one of your friends, or watch any number of TV shows for advice. It might even be good advice. Or, you could check out the … Read more

Goodyear Made A Commercial About Dale Earnhardt Jr. That Will Make You Fall In Love with NASCAR All Over Again

The storied racing career of Dale Earnhardt Jr has come to an end and the tributes have come in from all areas of the racing community. Goodyear, a longtime sponsor of both Dale Jr. and his father, made a nostalgia inducing commercial for Jr. following him from his early days watching his dad in the … Read more

Let Johnny Cash Show You How To Celebrate The One You Love On Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day can get blown out of proportion. I don’t mean that cynically. The pageantry, candy, flowers, and feeling that this must be the most romantic day of the year can lead folks to think love can only live in big gestures. But some of the small gestures express deep love more clearly and vibrantly … Read more

LAPD Police Intercept An Obsessed Fan Who Wanted To “Create A New World Order” With Miley Cyrus

Police intercepted a man who traveled to LA to be with Miley Cyrus after he posted unsettling comments on Facebook. The man’s posts hinted that he thought he was about to be made the leader of the world and that he would do so with Miley by his side. Cyrus’ team has not commented on … Read more

Jenna Fischer Set the Record Straight On where Pam From “The Office” Would Be Today

We can’t ever know what happens to our favorite TV characters once the show goes away because, well, they don’t exist. But when you become as attached as we all did to the characters from “The Office”, it’s hard not to wonder what happened in later years. Jenna Fischer has often speculated as to what … Read more