Strawberry Steel Cut Oatmeal Bake For Delicious Mornings

A few of my favorite things are when my house smells like brown sugar and cinnamon, having breakfast prepared for the week, and strawberry season. This breakfast combines all three (your house is going to smell amazing) and also provides a really healthy breakfast option for you. The prep time is substantial, but it will … Read more

Turkey Meatballs with Spinach and Goat Cheese Recipe That Will Totally Change Your Life

Y’all. These turkey meatballs are so good. This is my absolute favorite thing to make on Sunday food prep day. What’s Sunday food prep day, you ask? Well, it’s when I have all of my stuff together and I have made it to the grocery store, and I make all the food I’m going to … Read more

Best Salted Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

I don’t know about you, but I have been vibing on the new Sarah Ross song “Calm Before the Storm.” Sarah Ross is a brand-new unique artist and one of only ones to blend rap and country music seamlessly. She first gained attention when she auditioned for “American Idol,” but was eliminated early on in … Read more

5 Warm and Cozy Winter Cocktail Recipes

The Christmas season is finally upon us and the weather is turning cold. There are tons of holiday parties to attend and everyone knows that the best type of drinking is Christmas drinking. Long gone are the summer-beer mixes and the frozen margaritas, and it’s quite popular to have a warm cocktail option at your … Read more