Why the Best Football Players Come from the South

For the last decade multiple SEC teams have raised the crystal trophy following a championship football season. The reason for this? They have the best players, of course. Rosters full of elite Southern-bred players have consistently been victorious on college football’s highest level before natural progression leads them to the NFL. Louisiana, South Carolina, Alabama, … Read more

5 Must-See Attractions When Visiting Darlington Raceway

For NASCAR drivers and mechanics Darlington Raceway seems almost too tough to tame. The track’s one-of-a-kind shape gives headaches to drivers who race inches away from concrete disaster. Visitors to the famed South Carolina race track have it a little easier not having to contend with Darlington’s tough corners. Constructed on top of a peanut … Read more

Finest Distilleries of the South

Connoisseurs of liquor searching for a fine taste of whiskey can look no further than Southern distilleries. The finest booze in the United States is made in Southern states where distilleries in place for over 100 years educate and satisfy drinkers year round. Guided tours offer a unique glimpse inside the production of world renowned … Read more

Getaway Guide: Birmingham, AL In 36 Hours

Three hours south of Nashville on I-65 is Birmingham, AL, where Syknyrd says they love the governor. It was in Birmingham that Martin Luther King Jr. led peaceful protesters in a campaign which brought international attention to race relations in this county. The largest city in Alabama is a fine place for a weekend getaway. … Read more

Legends of Southern Moonshine

It’s hard to imagine now but the U.S. government once thought making alcohol illegal would cure social problems. Not quite. Instead of solving problems, the 18th amendment created more, handing over the production and sale of alcohol to the black market where organized crime thrived. That doesn’t mean we can’t revere those who tested the … Read more

5 Civil War Battlefields To Visit This Summer

We’re lucky here in the United States. Although our history is filled with violence, we haven’t seen war between our borders in 150 years. Remnants of our nations terrible Civil War remain firmly in the ground across dozens of battlefields where brother fought brother. Though tragic, visiting a Civil War battlefield is a historic lesson … Read more

12 Things We Saw at the Monster Truck Rally

Monster trucks are souped up mechanical beasts that entertain the masses during cross country tours. Mounted on jacked up suspensions, these roaring animals parade around in a dirt paradise, smashing and leaping over everything in range. Cities like Raleigh, Naples, Louisville and Mobile host rallies most of the year in the United States. Monster trucks … Read more

7 Southern Campsites You Can’t Skip

Pitch a tent, start the fire and learn to live without showering. Camping season is upon us and the outdoorsman in you is ready for whatever nature presents. As with any adventure it’s about location, location, location. The best camping spots provide the best stories. With July 4th approaching, here are seven camping spots in the … Read more

Frank Underwood’s Fictional Southern Background

Kevin Spacey plays snaky politician Frank Underwood in the Netflix original series “House of Cards.” Underwood is everything you’d expect from a stereotypical political villain; brilliant, conniving, adulterous and back stabbing. He does it all under the guise of a proper Southern gentleman, accent to boot. “House of Cards” is wrought with power plays and affairs. … Read more

Getaway Guide: Do Atlanta In 36 Hours

Avoiding Hotlanta references is tough when discussing the unofficial capital of the South, so let’s just get that out of the way. Things are hot down here with temperatures hitting 90+ on the daily. No matter the heat, people in Georgia are ridiculously friendly. Maybe it’s the charming accent that has me dishing out hearty … Read more