11 Best Instagram Photos from the GRAMMY Awards

Thanks to social media and Instagram, fans can feel like they were actually at the GRAMMYs with their favorite artists. And this was quite the year to be at the show– Taylor Swift dropped a glitter bomb, Bruno Mars was giving away flasks and Adele was there. 11 Best Instagram Photos from the GRAMMY Awards: … Read more

6 Country Music Songs From 1996 You Definitely Forgot About

1996 was a big year for country music with breakout acts Faith Hill and Tim McGraw becoming household names, Shania Twain scored a couple of No. 1 hits and legendary artists like George Strait and Garth Brooks were doing their thing. But, what about some of those other songs? The ones you definitely forgot about– … Read more

2 Unexpected Ways to Rock a Denim Shirt

So you love your trusty denim shirt, but after wearing it for the hundredth time, it feels a bit… uninspired? Check out two ways we’ve made our timeless Wrangler light denim shirt trendy and fresh. The first look features bold floral leggings and the second cool denim on denim. We’ll banish your denim shirt rut, guaranteed. 2 Unexpected … Read more

Tyler Farr Headed for Vocal Rest and Won’t Be Able to Tour with Lee Brice

Got news that I won’t be able to tour with @leebrice. Having microlaryngeal surgery and total vocal rest. I’ll keep y’all updated. — Tyler Farr (@tylerfarr) January 27, 2016 Following microlaryngeal surgery to remove a vocal polyp on his vocal chords, Tyler Farr has been placed on total vocal rest. The power vocalist first became aware … Read more

Olivia Munn Delivers Epic Lip Sync of Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood,” While Bringing Out a Real #GirlSquad Member

In 2015, Taylor Swift reintroduced the world to the word, “squad” and invented a whole new thing– #GirlSquad. Swift’s #GirlSquad officially became all the rage after they all made cameos in her apocalyptic “Bad Blood” music video. After that, they were everywhere she was and everywhere we wanted to be. On a recent episode of … Read more

How Your Favorite Country Music Stars Rang in the New Year

When it comes to celebrating New Year’s Eve, your favorite country music stars do it just like you– by jumping in cold lakes, falling asleep really early, going to weddings and performing in front of thousands in New York City. Yep, country music stars are just like us! How Your Favorite Country Music Stars Rang … Read more

Miranda Lambert’s Grandmother Gave Her a Really Cool Christmas Gift

Miranda Lambert had a really great Christmas at home with her family in Texas and she walked away a big winner in terms of gifts, too. Miranda‘s grandmother, Wanda Coker, gifted the country music superstar two fur coats, one embroidered with her name on the inside. Miranda’s Nonny also passed down her love of diamonds … Read more

An Honest Look at “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”

If we’re all being honest– we really like to call-and-response holiday classic, “Baby, It’s Cold Outside.” It’s easy to kind of bop around and think about a lovely evening in with your current flame. But, then, you really listen to lyrics and things get weird. Things even get creepy. Eventually, you’re basically listening to a … Read more