10 Best Southern TV Characters

It’s no secret that our favorite television shows are the ones set in the South and these are by far the best Southern TV characters: 10. Flo If you watched TV in the late ’70s/early ’80s, chances are that you yelled the phrase, “Kiss my grits!” at least once or twice. (And maybe you still … Read more

10 Taylor Swift Inspired Nail Polishes

Remember when Kim Kardashian had her own nail polish line? (Don’t worry, we tried to block it out of our minds, too). Nail polish lines all start with an idea, an inspiration…and this line was inspired by none other than Taylor Swift. Don’t worry, these all country music inspired, you won’t have to “Shake It … Read more

8 Music-Inspired Tattoos I’m Thankful I Didn’t Get In The ’80s

Who doesn’t need music-inspired tattoos? You don’t. I recently saw the words “Nothing Safe Is Worth the Drive” tattooed on the forearm of our 18-year-old babysitter, and I asked her what it meant. “It’s a song lyric,” she shrugged. “From Taylor Swift’s ‘Treacherous.’” “Well, it’s a good lyric!” I said to her, but then I thought about … Read more