Is Christmas Music The Worst or The Best?

This week on the podcast we tackle the second most polarizing genre in music– Christmas music. When can you listen to it? Should you listen to it? Why are people still recording it? What’s the best original Christmas music? Drew loves classic Christmas tunes from Nat King Cole and Bing Crosby. Lauren basically listens to … Read more

Country Air Podcast, Episode 14: #Female, Lip-Syncing and Reputation

This last week in country music was different than most– artists shared their opinions on subjects not often discussed. Anderson East and Miranda Lambert spoke out against lip-syncing (Garth Brooks) and Keith Urban used his voice and platform to speak out for women. So, how do you feel about Keith Urban’s “Female”? And should Anderson … Read more

Country Air Podcast, Episode 11: Pop Culture Hodge Podge (Miss America, BiP, Hurricane Benefit Seating Chart)

During this week’s episode, we discuss the big-time pop culture events of the past week– Miss America, “Bachelor in Paradise” finale and Hand-in-Hand: A Benefit for Hurricane Relief. Those puppets are hard to forget. Right? Don’t forget to check us out on iTunes! Give us a rating or two! Download past episodes or subscribe to … Read more

Country Air Podcast, Episode 10: The New Taylor Swift and CMA Awards Nominations

During this episode of the podcast we take a deep dive into the 51st Annual CMA Awards nominations— where’s Jason Aldean? And the ladies? Also, Taylor Swift is new, but she finds herself in an old spot– nominated for CMA Song of the Year for her solo write of “Better Man.” Speaking of Taylor– there’s … Read more

[Listen] Country Air Podcast, Episode 9: God And Country Music

A lot of country songs talk about God but they talk about Him very differently. Some folks want to get a beer with Jesus, some feel like they need to go back to church, while others think they are too far gone. We invited a pastor onto this week’s podcast to talk about how country … Read more

[Listen] Country Air Podcast, Episode 8: Drinking Songs

What is your favorite drinking song? There are fun drinking songs, sad ones, and others that just mention drinking. Country music has a bunch of these songs but recently, they’ve gotten weird. We talk about the strange new way country talks about drinking and then try a few drinks that Thomas Rhett, Cole Swindell, and … Read more

[Listen] Country Air Podcast, Episode 7: Is Summer TV Actually the Worst? Or the Best?

During this episode of the Country Air Podcast we’re talking about summer TV– is it great or terrible? How many shows can Steve Harvey be on? Also, is anyone out there watch soap operas? If we wrote soap operas they’d be a little too realistic. Of course, we also have to discuss all this “Bachelor … Read more

[Listen] Country Air Podcast, Episode 6: Reality TV Singing Competitions, Tim Tebow on “The Bachelor” and Where Do the Ball Gowns Come From?

During this episode of the One Country Country Air Podcast, we’re taking a deep dive into reality TV. Will “American Idol” make it all the way back to the top? Could an actual famous person, like Tim Tebow, be on “The Bachelor”? Will “The Voice” ever produce a big-time star? If Drew was a judge … Read more

[Listen] Country Air Podcast, Episode 5: Saying No to Celebrities, What You’d Let a Celebrity Do for You and More

A couple of weeks ago, Carrie Underwood called up the Nashville Predators before a home playoff game and asked to sing the National Anthem. Since then, Luke Bryan, Lady Antebellum, Little Big Town, Vince Gill, Keith Urban, Kelly Clarkson and Trisha Yearwood have been asked to sing. This series of events caused the Preds’ “regular” … Read more

[Listen] Country Air Podcast, Episode 4: Some Songs Just Need A Sequel

During this episode of the podcast we discuss a few songs so rich in a story, that we can’t help but wonder– what happened after the song ended? Did Fancy really become a great woman? If Papa was in the pen and Mama was in the graveyard, where did the kids go? Some songs just … Read more

[Listen] Country Air Podcast, Episode 3: Did Carrie Underwood Turn Nashville Into a Hockey Town? How Did the Preds Get Their Name?

Is Nashville a hockey city? It sure seems like it is. We discuss Carrie Underwood’s impact on the Nashville sports scene, why Lauren hates the Predators as a mascot, and the strange way cities decide to name their teams. Country Air by One Country on Apple Podcasts Download past episodes or subscribe to future episodes … Read more

[Listen] Country Air Podcast, Episode 2: What if Country Musicians Were the Last People on Earth?

Today, we throw county stars into one of Hollywood’s favorite topics– the apocalypse. No zombies or Kirk Cameron books or anything– just, everyone in Nashville woke up and they were the only people left on Earth. Who would take a leadership role? Who would teach the kids? Who would run the show? I (Lauren) think … Read more