5 Fun-Loving Tips From Cole Swindell’s “Chillin’ It”


2. There’s always a time for cuddling with that special someone. Whether you are chillin’ it by a campfire making s’mores (and who isn’t, right?) or enjoying a beautiful sunset, sharing an intimate moment is a great way to making lasting memories.

“One on the wheel, one around you baby.”

3. Good music can create the perfect atmosphere for a group hangout session or romantic outing. A panoramic view is about as important as the music you choose. It sets the mood, gets your adrenaline pumping and paints a majestic, sweeping portrait.

“Little sun left to burn in the blue sky,

Shining of the cross hanging from the mirror of my ride,

Breeze blowing in, your hair blowing round.

You’re scanning through the stations looking for that country sound.”

4. Iced drinks are sometimes the best way to accentuate a day out in the sun. As the golden rays beat down upon the hood of your pickup truck (or cadillac, if you will), a cool beverage will balance your mood and the environment around you. After working a 9-5, a drink is sometimes all you need.

“The good stuff iced up in the back seat,

Nowhere to go, nowhere to be.”

5. If you are looking to just chill and get away, a ride in the countryside might be the way to go. Grab your keys and with the windows down and music up, hit the open road. Need we say more?

“Nothing but two lane country on up ahead.

Girl, you so fine I wouldn’t mind if this is all we did.

You got me high on kisses, you got me missing signs.

Hard looking left when my world is on my right.”