10 Songs You Need to Listen to RIGHT NOW


Sometimes, good music is hard to find. Sometimes, it’s sitting right in front of you and you don’t even know it! In this case, I’m going to put it right in front of you. All you have to do is press play.

1. “Deep As It Is Wide” // Amy Grant, Sheryl Crow, Eric Paslay

It’s my intention to put this song on every appropriate playlist I can, for the rest of my life. Written by Paslay and on Grant’s 2013 How Mercy Looks From Here, it’s one of the most sincere and beautiful songs ever recorded. (It’s also on Paslay’s debut album, but that version doesn’t have Grant or Crow. It is incredibly raw and vulnerable though.)

2. “Biscuits” // Kacey Musgraves

The latest and greatest from Kacey Musgraves is classic country at its finest. It’s truthful, silly and poetic.

3. “We Are Tonight (Acoustic Live)” // Sam Hunt

Yes, the Drake of country music, Sam Hunt, wrote Billy Currington’s smash hit. It’s fun to hear an acoustic, laid back set from him. Country music and a flat bill, that’s Sam.

4. “My Mistake” // Cam

If you aren’t listening to Cam, don’t worry– there’s still time. Upbeat, fun and totally “clappable.” It’s a thing. Trust me.

5. “Living The Dream” // Sturgill Simpson

If you think Eric Church is an outsider, you haven’t listened to Simpson before. He’s the epitome of grit. And this song is my new motto for life, “ain’t no point in getting out of bed, if you ain’t living the dream.” Sing it, Sturg.

6. “Holding On To You” // Miranda Lambert

The first time I heard this one from Miranda, I couldn’t believe it was her– bluesy, sexy and sweet– it’s some of her finest work.

7. “Stay A Little Longer” // Brothers Osborne

When you start hearing this one on the radio every hour of the day, remember who told you about it first.

8. “Run Away With You” // Big & Rich

At times, it’s hard to think of Big & Rich as anything other than “Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy,” but these two are so much more than that. Their latest album, Gravity, might be their best ever and this latest single fits right into that category.

9. “A Little Bit of You” // Chase Bryant

It’s almost a guarantee that if you’re in your car with the windows down anytime soon, this will be the song you’re playing.

10. “If I Drink This Beer” // Luke Wheeler (“Nashville”)

I just can’t help myself– this my favorite tune from Luke Wheeler and “Nashville,” maybe ever.

Image Source: BigStock