Big & Rich Achieves Double Top 10 Singles and Releases Their “Lovin’ You” Music Video ft. Tim McGraw

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Country music duo Big & Rich has had a lot to celebrate lately. With their back-to-back Top 10 singles, “Look at You” and “Run Away With You,” and the release of their new smash single “Lovin’ Lately,” John Rich and Big Kenny are making history.

“While we’re not Johnny Cash or George Jones, we’re trying to set a bar and do something important that stands the test of time,” Rich told Nash Country Weekly“Just because you’re good compared to what’s going on doesn’t mean you’re great in the history of music.”

The two also produced all three songs their very own label which makes their success that much sweeter.

“This business is something you have to put a lot of sweat, blood and tears and heart and soul into to keep it going,” Big Kenny said. “To see it keep going is such an awesome thing. It’s so awesome to get up there and play music and see people respond to it. It’s as good as it gets. That’s all you can ask for with what we do.”


Their newest single “Lovin’ Lately,” which features country icon Tim McGraw, quickly gave the duo their biggest first week they have ever had on country radio — and no wonder, this song is smooth, catchy and lyrically moving.

They also recently released an accompanying music video for the song and it frames the song’s lyrics and musicality perfectly.

Image Source: CMA, YouTube