Life Lessons from Big & Rich’s “Look at You”


Life is made up of challenges and situations to push ourselves to the limit, to gain knowledge and to reach our full potential. These lessons are all around us and, if we are willing to keep our minds open, we can benefit from them. Country music is a gold mine when it comes to analyzing life’s journeys. More than just tailgates, booze and Daisy Duke shorts, the twangy-catchy tunes can actually teach you a life lesson or two. Or four or 12– just depends on the song and how hard you’re listening.

Big & Rich‘s catalog of songs is full of fun party songs, but they also know how to tug on heart strings with a love ballad. In their “Look at You,” Big Kenny and John Rich tell a story of a love gone wrong, with their biggest regret being the things they didn’t say. Throughout the song, the loved one is having what seems to be a wild night.

Last thing I thought I’d see was,

you across the bar from me, and

holdin’ on to that turkey bottle,

shootin’ em down, and runnin’ full throttle.

Oh I can still taste the last time,

you and me and nothin’ but the tan lines.

Keeps runnin’ through my my mind.

on and on and on and on and

Baby when I look at you, with them baby blues,

cuttin’ right through me.

You set me on the rewind, back to the good times,

when you couldn’t get enough of me.

While she’s painting the town red, he’s sitting across the bar feeling pretty nostalgic and really down. Wishing he could go back in time, the song continues on the same theme of what could have been. Regret is a funny thing. It plays different games with different personalities, but one thing is constant: it cuts deep. When asked, most people will tell you one of their biggest regrets was not saying something to someone important in their life. Whether it was an “I love you” or even a “no,” keeping things to yourself can really come back around to bite you in the rear.

Humans are social creatures. We have to interact with others in order to live a happy, healthy, well-balanced life. The ironic part is that communication is one of the hardest things for us. Sure, some people are great public speakers and others can be natural story tellers…but when it really counts, sometimes there just aren’t words to express how we feel.

That’s what Big & Rich want to teach us– don’t wait until it’s too late to tell someone how you feel – get it off your chest. No matter how you look at it, there is always a 50/50 shot: a few moments of feeling uncomfortable (which will pass) or a satisfying moment of realizing your special someone knows how you feel now (which will stay with you forever).

It doesn’t have to be a life-shattering moment. It doesn’t have to be a jaw dropper. It just needs to be something you feel is important. Living life with no regrets is living a life fulfilled. Open up to someone today; let them know something you have been sitting on for a while. It’s always worth it in the end because we never know just what the end entails.

Image Source: PR Photos