Billy Ray Cyrus Brings Country Back in New Collaboration, “Chevys and Fords”

Johnny McGuire Instagram / @johnnymcguiremusic / Art By Chase Lauer

The legendary Billy Ray Cyrus set country music tongues to wagging when he recently collaborated with singer, songwriter and rapper Lil Nas X for the incredibly infectious genre-busting country rap smash, “Old Town Road.” Whether you loved it or not-so-much, there’s no denying the song’s global success as it topped the charts in Belgium, Mexico, Canada, the Netherlands and, of course, the U.S. 

There’s also no denying that Billy Ray is a country singer. He made that clear when he visited Bobby Bones recently, and he’s making that clear in his new song, “Chevys and Fords.”

Visiting with the popular nationally syndicated radio host and his team, Billy Ray said, “I love a lot of styles of music, a lot of diversity, but the one thing that’s always constant—I’m Billy Ray Cyrus from Flatwoods, Kentucky and I love country music and I love a great country song.” 

And “Chevys and Fords” is exactly that. 

Recorded with Johnny McGuire, the song has refreshingly simple production that keeps both singer’s voices forward where listeners can hear the picturesque lyrics, but also provides incredible texture in the arrangement with gritty guitars and dirty drums—not something you might expect from a rolling waltz unless you’re in a Texas dancehall. 

“When I heard this song, I fell in love with it,” Billy Ray told Bobby. “This happened way before ‘Old Town Road.’ I recorded it in the fall of last year.” He also said, “Everything that’s happening to me now kinda stems from this song. It was the beginning or a seed of something very good.”