Billy Ray Cyrus Gets Animated With Pot Bud in New Video For “Angel in My Pocket”


Recording artists will often get artsy with music videos creating interpretations of the lyrics that sometimes require Cliff’s Notes for the viewer to fully understand the message they’re trying to convey. In Billy Ray Cyrus’ new music video for “Angel In My Pocket,” the message is a little less cryptic.

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The stars in the stop-motion animated piece are buds. No, not “buddies,” buds – those little nuggets of herbal goodness that the Cyrus family seems to be so fond of. Part claymation and part South Park, Billy Bud and a cast of characters navigate the script of the video in a variety of somewhat violent vignettes, including blowing up a gas station after dousing it with fuel, and a The Quick and The Dead type street fight. Perhaps to lighten the mood or to remind us of Billy Ray’s rural background, a nod is given to the iconic TV show, Hee Haw, where the singer delivers corny comedy in front of a feisty fence and then in a hemp field, a la Cornfield County.

Of course, there are ample and not-so-subtle references to CBD, hemp and marijuana, including life-sized, personified doobies, and we can only assume that the particularly feminine one Billy Bud rides off into the sunset with is, in fact, the “Angel In My Pocket” he is referring to.

“Angel In My Pocket” is from Billy Ray’s upcoming album, The SnakeDoctor Circus and follows up his work with Lil Nas X on “Old Town Road.”

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This is hardly the first time a country artist had made reference to marijuana in a song or video. Toby Keith sings about smoking “Weed With Willie,” and Willie and his buddy (not “bud,” buddy) Merle Haggard fires up a joint or two in the video for “It’s All Going to Pot.” BRC and CBD…seems to make sense.