Blake Shelton and Adam Levine Get Competitive During a Game of “Say Whaaat?”


“The Voice” coaches Adam Levine and Blake Shelton made an appearance on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” to get their competitive edge on by playing “Say Whaaat?”

The game is straight from Ellen’s ”Game of Games” show and Ellen likens it to the game of telephone. Except, instead of whispering the sentence, you have to read lips. As Ellen explains it, the contestants will wear noise cancelling headphones, so they will have to read lips. You can only say the sentence twice. Ellen says a sentence and they pass the sentence down the line. The last person reveals what they think they heard.

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Adam took a moment to explain what he and Blake would be playing for.

“The loser of this competition between Blake and I has to call the winner daddy,” Adam said.

“There’s actually a good chance I really am his daddy,” Blake joked.

With giant ears on their headphones, the game began. The first sentence, “Blake Shelton has hard hands from diddling his banjo.” Imagine how this one turned out.

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That translated to Adam as Blake Shelton has no brain. Average Andy was next and he translated it to, Blake Shelton has big balls. What? It was then Twitch’s turn. At least he was able to read Andy’s lips and continued it on. That’s what he relayed to Blake.

With an amused look on his face, Blake revealed what he heard—“Blake Shelton has big balls.” That’s a far cry from Blake Shelton hard hands from diddling his banjo.

The next sentence only got better from there.