Blake Shelton Horses Around in Behind-The-Scenes Video for “Hell Right”


There are a lot of country music shenanigans going on in the new music video for Blake Shelton’s “Hell Right” that features Trace Adkins. And while the video looks like a slice of Oklahoma life, it took a few days to coordinate that “impromptu” field party. Now, Blake takes us behind-the-scenes of the video that makes us all want to book a flight to Tulsa.

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Blake’s first stop in this hilarious glimpse behind the curtain is at a bullpen where a handful of young cowboys were willing to step up and take a seat on a local owner’s bucking stock. While Blake stays safely OUT of the arena, he is right up at the gate getting a bird’s eye view of the action.

He then takes viewers into the explosive scene that involves a flaming arrow. Blake enlisted the help of his longtime pal, Tom McMillan — former baseball player turned host of The Sportsman’s Channel show McMillan — to create the properly sized smoke bomb utilizing Tannerite. It seems, though, that Tom wasn’t even sure how much of the compound to use while still be safe. Now when it comes to the exploding watermelons, this is when we learn that Blake takes full responsibility for those.

From the candid footage that the country star is sharing, we can see that his precious girlfriend, Gwen Stefani, was on set for at least part of the time, but try as we may, we haven’t been able to spot her or her sons in the finished video. Anyone else?

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After three days of shooting, Blake claims that this is his favorite music video he has ever made. Since it combines his favorite music and lifestyle, it’s easy to see why.