Blake Shelton Honors Homeland in New Music Video for “God’s Country”

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It takes a special breed to adapt to life in the Plains of America. As beautiful as it is, it also seems to be a land of weather extremes, environmental challenges, and…rattlesnakes. But native Oklahoman, Blake Shelton, pays homage to his homeland in the new music video for “God’s Country.”

“Well I can tell you one thing for damn sure, Oklahoma is ‘God’s Country’ so that’s where we shot the music video for the song,” Blake said in a statement. “We spent four days shooting there in and around Tishomingo, getting connected to the land, the environment and the spirit of the music. As I’ve said before, I was born in Oklahoma and I’ll be buried there and Sophie Muller, who’s a well-known video director, really captured the countryside in a stark and vivid way.”

Sepia-toned vintage images of dust storms, tumbleweed, unrestrained wind, and drought are interspersed the somber footage of Blake seemingly surveying his own property. The swampy music bed only serves to intensify the video as a tractor explodes into flames, which makes the aforementioned rattlesnake that Blake sidesteps seem relatively tame in comparison.

But the message isn’t that this land is too difficult to inhabit or to drive tourists away from visiting the Sooner State. In fact, a beautiful waterfall and breathtaking sunrise are also featured in the video, reinforcing the message that this, in fact, “God’s Country.”

Another thing that stands out in the video is Blake’s impassioned performance. Seemingly effortlessly delivering the piece, watching the country music superstar pound the steering wheel of his truck seems as natural as the long-legged steps he takes across the plain. And seeing him run his fingers through his salt-and-pepper waves doesn’t just give viewers a sense of his frustration, but also reminds us that this lanky country boy is downright sexy.

“God’s Country” is the first single from Blake’s upcoming album. Pursuing his seventh win on season 16 of the hit NBC reality show, The Voice, Blake has a handful of tour dates on his calendar this summer and then, hopefully, we’ll have a new album and he can take a break.