Blake Shelton Gets Loving Greeting From Gwen Stefani and Son at Airport

Blake Shelton Gwen Stefani Kiss at airport greeting
Photo courtesy Gwen Stefani Instagram

To paraphrase the movie “Love Actually,” there’s nothing like the arrivals gate at your regional airport to show you how much you mean to someone. Blake Shelton must have been feeling a truckload of love when he flew in to spend some much needed time with girlfriend Gwen Stefani and her sons, Kingston, Zuma, and Apollo.

In her Instagram story, Gwen shared a bit of video of her little family walking through the airport to get to Blake’s plane. While she is obviously anxious to see her man, her excitement doesn’t hold a candle to her sons’ joy.

“We are lucky,” Gwen says in the video. “Somebody is here. Somebody is coming.” Turns out that somebody was Blake arriving at the airport via private plane.

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Dashing across the tarmac, you can hear her son,  as well as Blake, yelling with delight before the lanky singer- songwriter scoops him up for a hug. Gwen gets a little more than a hug, though, and it’s the sweetest thing.

While we don’t profess to know what Gwen and Blake have planned for the future, it’s apparent that they are enjoying their lives together and make a pretty fine example of what a family looks like. Blake seems to sincerely care about her sons and they are equally infatuated by him.

It’s also pretty impressive that Blake and Gwen continue to not just make it work, but to make it look easy considering both of their demanding schedules. Gwen’s Vegas residence commits her to be in the “City of Lights” for extended periods in March, July, October, and November.

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Meanwhile, Blake kicked off his “Friends and Heroes 2019” headlining tour with The Bellamy Brothers, John Anderson, Trace Adkins, and Lauren Alaina in February. While the tour is currently set to wrap later in March, the “Turnin’ Me On” singer will also be busy with his coaching obligations on NBC’s “The Voice” for the next few months.

Wonder if they get frequent flier miles?